Top best cue sticks for beginners

Best Beginner Cue Stick

Best beginner cue stick

If you’re interested in pooling and want to improve your practice as much as you can, it’s wise to consider getting a pool cue yourself.

Sometimes finding the right home sign can be difficult, as they vary in condition and weight. But, one positive thing is that they give you the opportunity to handle different types of signals. You can discover which styles you like.

Having a pool cue with you means your skills will improve faster because you have it in your hand every time you play.

Before we recommend our top picks for beginners, let’s cover some criteria to consider when choosing a pool cue.

Best Beginner Cue Stick
Top Best Cue Sticks For Beginners 5

Factors to consider when choosing an initial pool cue

Before starting, it’s important to know what to look for in a rod. There are several elements to consider when choosing the best pool cues for beginners.


Consider the material of the stick and wrap. Maple sticks are the most durable and easiest to find for beginner pointers. Stability is key, especially when you’re playing multiple eight-ball games.

A good wrapping material makes it easy to hold the cue. Linen and nylon are good choices when you’re starting out.

Size and weight

Ultimately, the best size and weight mostly come down to personal preference. The average weight is 18 to 21 ounces. The average length is 57 to 59 inches. It’s a good idea to have several pointers to see which one looks best.

If you are relatively short, a shorter stick is usually better. The same goes for being tall. Consider a long queue. As for weight, around 20 ounces is usually ideal for beginners as more weight results in a better spin on the ball.

If you’re looking for a heavier rod to break the rack, it might be time to consider a breakable tip.

One-piece vs two-piece

If you tend to travel to bars or billiard halls with your cue, the two-piece pool cue is easy to transport. One piece is ideal for home play. Which is better ultimately comes down to your personal preference and where you play most often.

Balance point

The balance point on the cue is a few inches from the tip of the wrap, near the center of the stick. This point is your center of gravity.

A perfect balance point allows for better handling of the cue. Play around with cues with different balance points and play around to determine which you prefer.

Straightforward design

An upright design allows for better aim, and a smoother follow through when you hit the ball. Place your pointer on the table and see if it is flat on the surface. You should not see any warping or curves. It’s a good technique to play around with, especially when you’re choosing from the limited options at your local bar.

Type of tip

The average tip size is 11 to 14 mm. Consider a 12 to 13-mm tip when you’re starting out. A soft tip, such as one made of leather or rubber, is usually a better choice for beginners because it allows you to feel the tip when you hit the ball.

These are the Best Pool Cues For Beginners in 2022:

Best Beginner Cue Stick
Top Best Cue Sticks For Beginners 6

1. Players HXT15

For starters, the Players HXT15 two-piece pool cue is one of the top pool cues in the industry. Available in a variety of weights, this pool cue is priced under $200, making it an affordable but great option for those looking to get into the billiards industry. You will be amazed by its quality, performance, and its unique design appearance.

If you’re looking for a low-bending signal with an affordable price point, the HXT15 is for you.

Now, I want to talk about the design, the Players HXT15 features traditional classic styling with black spots and white accents, on a dusty walnut-stained bird’s eye maple polished arm that certainly impresses. This cue is crafted with a high level of 100% premium North American hard rock maple.

Not only is it beautiful, but it also features a low-deflection shaft that helps improve and increase cue ball control. Players HXT15 can give you the most accurate ball shot.

The HXT15 features an Irish linen wrap that guarantees no slipping or gliding and more importantly, you won’t have to worry about moisture. Humidity can be quite annoying at times.

The HXT15 features a stunning 12.75mm Comul Black tip for ultimate grip and durability. The perfect black tip is prevalent at the advanced level. There are 10 layers of pigskin on the tip of the hand. This ultimately helps create that perfect accurate shot and more importantly, pigskin is much thinner than standard leather.

Additionally, the Technology Series HXT15 comes in a two-piece cue. This makes it easy for you to store it or take it with you when needed. The most satisfying part is that it features a stainless steel joint that connects the pair of pieces ideally.

To sum it all up, this is an advanced pool cue that is a highly recommended choice for both beginners and advanced players. Most importantly, it is affordable and worth the investment. It’s one of the top picks in our best pool cues buying guide. Check it out here.


  • Advanced performance
  • Well-balanced and accurate


  • You may need some time to get used to it.

The Mizerak shorty Cue

The Mizerak Shorty Cue features a classic wooden shaft and leather tip. This cue is ideal for beginners and playing in smaller areas as it is only 40 inches long. It works well for both small and full-sized tables.

This rod is one-piece and has a standard butt end. Its smaller size allows more control for general play and jumps shots.


  • Hardwood construction
  • 12 mm leather tip
  • It weighs about 9.5 ounces.
  • Ideal for jump shots.
  • Suitable for players of all ages


  • The middle section may be uneven.
  • Q may suffer from dents and nicks.
  • The tip may not be completely flat.

For Commercial N Packet

The Viper Commercial One Piece cue is ideal for beginners looking for a cue for high-volume use. The stick is made of hardwood and has multiple coats of varnish for added durability.

It is ideal for people of all ages due to the different lengths available. This Q has an ABS bumper, and its design makes it suitable for tight spaces.


  • Prevents warping with nine layers of varnish coating.
  • Four length options
  • 13 mm leather tip
  • Weighs about a pound in length.
  • Hardwood construction


  • Wood can be very light.
  • can shake
  • Can be dimensionally incorrect.

Iszy Billiards two-piece cue

The Iszy Billiards two-piece maple cue is Canadian maple hardwood for excellent durability. The stainless steel joint mounts evenly and allows for quick assembly. This cue has a 13mm fiber ferrule tip.

The handle is wrapped in Irish linen to promote added style and efficient handling. Below the butt, there is a protective bumper. It is useful for family use or playing in tight spaces.


  • Two-piece design for easy transport
  • Stainless steel joint
  • Four weight options
  • Comes in eight colors.
  • Standard content


  • Tip can be very difficult
  • Cue can burn prematurely.
  • The thread can fray or unravel very quickly.

#5 T&R Sports Billiards Two Piece Cue

    T&R Sports MACE Pool Cues 58-Inch 2-Piece Hardwood Pool Table Billiard Stick with Steel Joint, 2-Pack

T&R Sports MACE Pool Cues 58-Inch 2-Piece Hardwood Pool Table Billiard Stick with Steel Joint, 2-Pack

The T&R Sports Billiard Two Piece Cue features Irish linen wrap handles and a black body. The stick has a total length of 58 inches, and has a 13 mm tip that sticks to the cue. The construction and materials of the rod allow for high levels of power and spin efficiency.

The cue is lightweight, making it easy to control. Connect rod easily with durable stainless steel joint that lines up evenly. This gesture is straightforward, ensuring excellent aim when hitting the ball.


  • Stainless steel center joint
  • Real wood core and composite construction
  • It weighs 19.5 ounces.
  • Breaks down quickly for portability.
  • Professional look


  • Irish linen wraps can take time to adapt to.
  • Tips can be easily lost
  • Shaping the tip can be tricky.
  • #6 East Point Sports Deluxe Wood Cue
  • East Point Sports Deluxe Wood Billiards Cue

EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue

The EastPoint Sports Deluxe Wood Cue features a nylon grip to promote optimal control and comfort. The two-tone aesthetic and hardwood material give it a professional look. This cue is 57 inches tall.

This cue weighs 19 ounces, making it easy to use. The joint system is aluminum, ensuring durability. Choose between a two-piece or four-piece cue.


  • Made of hardwood composite
  • 13 mm tip
  • Direct indication
  • Opens quickly and easily.
  • Ideal for tight spaces.


  • Grips can break prematurely.
  • The tip may be of lower quality than expected.
  • The tip may need to be shaped before use.

Minnesota Fats Hustler Graphite

The Minnesota Fats Hustler Graphite Q comes in several colors, including traditional black and midnight blue. It is durable due to its maple and polymer resin core, and graphite construction. This material combination helps prevent warping with regular play.

This two-piece wand has a standard nickel tip. The grips are high-tech and slightly larger than similar pointers, giving flexibility where you place your hands. The joints are stainless steel which ensures a straight rod for optimum shooting and aiming.


  • Durable construction
  • Quality grip
  • Stainless steel joints
  • Clean shooting
  • It is easy to control.


  • Hard finish
  • Can break easily.
  • Decorative stickers are difficult to remove.

                     What is Pol Q?

Well, a pool cue is also known as a cue stick. It is an object used to hit the cue ball while playing pool games, snooker, and carrom billiards. It is an essential as well as a worthy accessory for playing pool games with your family members or friends.

                       Why should you buy your first pool cue?

Best Beginner Cue Stick
Top Best Cue Sticks For Beginners 7

Online, there are tons of posts about which pool cue you should buy or buy guides before owning a pool cue. But they don’t discuss why you should buy this item. As a beginner, you might be wondering why you buy pool cues.

Of course, this is a very important question and also very useful information for people (especially beginners) who want to buy their first pool cues.

As a beginner, you need to learn more about pool games and of course, play more games to become an expert. So, to play more games and become an expert, you need your pool cue. There are many poll cues available, but you should know which poll cue is a beginner pool cue.

If you play with the house cue, you may not maintain it properly and may not even understand how to use it properly. But if you have your cue, you’ll be an expert at using cues. Plus, you’ll be able to practice regularly by owning your cue. This will be very helpful in improving your game.

Also, you can gather experience at your fingertips and use it properly. You’ll be familiar with its weight, how it behaves, and most importantly, you’ll have a better playing

experience. Certainly, you will be able to easily maintain and customize it.

                   What to look for before buying a pool cue for beginners – buying guide

There are many pool cues available in the market. As a beginner, you might not have clear knowledge about pool cues. Even if you have no idea about pool cue prices, what the ideal cue stick length should be, what are the top brands of pool cues, which pool cues are good for beginners, and more. .

Below are the things you should consider before buying a pool cue.

Consistency: Since you are a beginner, you don’t need to buy any expensive pool cues. Although you should buy an inexpensive pool cue, you should check which cue will offer better consistency. Because you need full speed and consistency while playing pool games. Round tip leather shaft and 2 piece pole tips provide better consistency in your games.

Performance or function: Next look at performance indicators such as its shaft, tip, ferrule, and taper. The cue is really nice with an excellent quality shaft with tap, ferrule, and taper. With these features, you can shoot straight and provide more spin when needed. Also, you should look at the shape of the cue, and the balance. Perfectly balanced and shaped pool tips provide a smooth and comfortable stroke or hit.

Most importantly, the indicators of low-bending technology are generally good. So, check this feature before buying pole sticks.

Orientation: A perfectly sized and shaped cue with adjustable weights will do you good. It will start to feel like your body and your confidence level will increase when hitting the ball. Plus, help you get in the zone instantly.

 Pole Cue Shaft: North American Grade “A” Hard Rock Maple is the standard and best pole cue. Because it provides excellent feel, flexibility, more consistency and durability. These types of pool cues are made from high quality wood.

Pool cue tip: There are three types of tips available. There is a medium hardness layered leather tip, soft tips and the rest solid leather tips. Between these two points, gentle tips are best for you as a beginner. Softer tips will hold the chalk better and make the short more precise. But it requires a little more maintenance to maintain a consistent look.

A leather tip with hard layers does not require much maintenance but does not hold chalk well which can lead to deterioration. But the medium hardness is designed for low maintenance and a perfect shot.

Weight: The standard Pool Cue weighs 19 ounces. This is the perfect weight to start your journey with no experience. Also, lighter pool rods are better for women to carry and make shots properly.

Prices: As a beginner, you should focus on low budget pool cues. A perfect two-piece pool cue can be purchased for only $50-$60. For beginners, the $50-$60 pool cue price range is the most common. This range of cue sticks at this price are not very durable but are affordable pool cues for beginners.

Stick length: Another important consideration is the pool stick. A common but standard pool cue stick is 58 inches in length. For a better experience, you also need good pole sticks. Both standard and cheap pole sticks are available. For a better experience, you should buy a quality pole stick.

Pool cue brands: There are many pool cue brands that make different types of pool cues. But top brand poll indicators are McDermott, Viking, Brunswick, etc.

Apart from these considerations, there are some criteria to consider. Other things you should consider are pool cue joint, grip area, cue tip size, shaft taper, pool cue design, warranty, etc.

Now the burning question is what are the best pool indicators for beginners? Here we discuss some top pool cues for beginners.

Top 7 Best Pool Indicators Detailed Review

There are many pool cues available right now. Some are for pro-level players, some for intermediate-level players, and some for beginner pool cues. In this article, we are going to share which pool indicators are the best beginner pool indicators. Let’s dive in,

1. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue Stick (2 Pieces)

The Viking Valhalla Cue Stick takes the top spot on this list. This rod has a durable Irish linen wrap (58 inches) and comes in 7 different beautiful colors. With the help of linen wrap, you can easily hold it well.

Also it has 2 pieces of billiard stick and with the help of this billiard stick you can easily pull it out. It is lightweight and easy to carry. This cue stick has a strong joint system with stainless steel.

Main Features:

  • The tip of this cue is wrapped in Irish linen, so you can get a good grip on it.
  • The bit of this cue stick has an adjustable weight. So you can carry any weight whether it is 18oz or 21oz.
  • Features a stainless steel joint and 13mm premium leather tip for easy ball control.
  • The stick is designed with a rubber bumper on the bottom to protect it from chips and cracks.
  • It has a high impact resin ferrule to ensure proper contact with the ball.


  • Comes in 7 different colors.
  • The shaft features a stainless steel joint thread and provides a secure, long-lasting lock.
  • Suitable for beginners due to adjustable weight.
  • Premium leather tip and sensational ferrule..
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The premium leather tip is slightly stiffer and offers less cue ball control.

2. Players Technology (HXT15) pool cue

This pole cue stick takes second place on this list. It is designed with premium high grade 100% North American hard rock maple. The body of this cue stick is wrapped in solid black double-pressed Irish linen. This is a very affordable pool cue for beginners. It also looks very beautiful.

Main Features:

  • The shaft is hard, solid and soft.
  • The tip is made of premium high-grade leather, hand-selected and you can hold it well.
  • The Kamui is crafted with a black tip that is made from 10 layers of pigskin.
  • It features a low deflection ferrule and helps to hit the ball accurately.
  • Wrapped with double press Irish linen which is quite durable.
  • Stainless steel with black and white split diamond and joint with bit finish makes it beautiful.
  • Made with a special epoxy finish and protects the cue from moisture and deterioration.


  • An excellent performance similar to other high-end pool indicators
  • A low deflection ferrule minimizes or balances deflection and increases strength and accuracy.
  • An epoxy finish or patent stabilizer protects the cue from moisture.
  • Kamui black tip for smooth grip, spin and maneuverability.


  • The tip is soft, which is why it wears over time.
  • There are not many color variation options.

3. Players Classic C-950 Bird’s Eye Maple Billiard Cue

Player Classic Series Pool Cue

This Poll Q ranks third in this list. This cue joint is made of stainless steel that is pinned with 5/16 × 18. This allows you to hit the ball perfectly. The grips are wrapped in natural double-pressed Irish linen that is solid black.

Designed with a premium hard oak leather pro tip that is 13mm thick. This oak leather provides twee tan holds and helps play more comfortably and consistently.

Most importantly, this cue stick comes with a triple silver ring set and North American grade hard rock maple.

Main Features:

  • Designed with a slip-free finish that ensures smooth play and increased low miscue.
  • Wrapped with solid black genuine double-pressed Irish linen that helps create a solid grip.
  • The joint is made from stainless steel with a 5/16×18 pin that allows it to make rock solid hits.
  • The weight of this pole starts from 18oz-21oz which is good for fast and easy handling.
  • Comes with 3 piece silver ring set and a timeless traditional look. This makes a great playing pool cue for intermediate players and beginners alike.


  • Cons Coated with high gloss Super UV (Ultraviolet Ray).
  • The wood is treated with a patent stabilizer and finished with epoxy.
  • Shafts are made with North American grade.
  • Treated with a special French Q wax that provides a mellow finish.
  • Lifetime warranty against warpage.


  • Comes with a French Le Pro tip, which is a medium difficulty tip.

McDermott Classic Pool Cue Stick for Beginners Kit

This pole cue stick is number four on this list. This is a complete set of pool cue sticks filled with 2 pieces of billiard chalk. Comes with a 2-piece Michigan maple cue designed with a gray stain.

It comes with high-quality, simple cues that break the structure of confusing cues available in pool halls. You can easily balance it for continuous play.

Main Features:

  • Specially designed for smooth play and this allows it to be perfectly short.
  • It is covered with battle pages and blemishes and comes with a 2 piece billiard chalk as well as a chalk holder.
  • Adjustable weight in the butt and this pole cue kit weighs 19oz/oz.
  • Kits included are – cue kit, tip skifer/shaper, soft case, chalk holder, Michigan maple, KIT5.
  • Has the ability to consistently hit the ball with the stick and helps win more games.


  • Ability to hit the ball accurately and better than a regular house pool cue.
  • Looks beautiful and has good balance.
  • The stick is nice and durable too.


  • 3 year warranty.
  • Do not wrap cloth for perfect grip.
  • The tip is difficult to play easily.

5. Predator Sport II Pole Cue (Ice Sport Grip)

This pole cue stick is number 5 on this list. It’s engineered with a standard color, wrapped with Sport 2 Ice grips for a smooth grip, and takes a good shot. Constructed with a 4-piece solid maple bit to ensure a straighter, more consistent cue.

This pool cue joint comes with a tunable UNI-LOC quick release joint and replaces the second wood on the backside for added accuracy and lifelong focus. When you hit the ball, it feels like air.

2 unique game ice grip patterns help you get a firmer grip with your tips and hit the ball with greater accuracy without slipping.

Main Features:

  • Features with Sport II Ice Edition and four-piece sturdy maple butt construction.
  • It is built with a UNI-LOC quick release joint for quick bit changes.
  • Comes with a minimal deflection shaft to hit the ball more accurately and will help you progress faster.
  • Sealed with stainless steel buttcap with Predator logo and built for durability.


  • Predator logo joint protector for shaft and bit.
  • Piloted stainless steel UNI-LOC quick release joint system.
  • Built with a sturdy 4-piece hard maple butt.
  • Low bending shaft for an accurate shot.


  • No sleeves and a thin collar.


6. AB earth 58 inch pole cu

This poll Q is ranked 6th in this list. It comes with a skid-proof ergonomic design and is upholstered in Irish linen. Designed with a Canadian hard maple butt that is hand-polished into a wavy shape.

The exceptional anti-slip function provides less error and helps to hit the ball more accurately. Manufactured with a 13 mm leather tip measuring 58 inches in length with 5/16 × 18 pins. This pin is a standard pin that highlights each cue.

Main Features:

  • Beautiful painting maple bit with strong and smooth grip.
  • Wrapped with Irish linen and Canadian hard maple butt that is hand polished.
  • Skid-proof ergonomic design with eye-catching black painting.
  • The pole cue weighs 18oz and the bit pin is 5/16×18.
  • The wavy-shaped bit is more elegant with an anti-slip function that reduces miscue.


  • Designed with a unique and friendly ergonomic design.
  • 8 different color combinations.
  • Impressive color design with hand painted maple with glossy oil paint.
  • Dead straight middle deviation.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


  • The leather tip is a bit flimsy and breaks easily.

7. LUCASI Custom Birds-Eye Maple Pool Cue

This poll Q is ranked seventh in this list. It is designed with a 12.75mm hardcore low-deflection technology shaft and wood-to-wood joint with UNI-LOC pin.

It doesn’t have a wrapped grip but has a sleek non-wrapped handle for a sleek feel. The shaft is made with a pro taper with a 29-inch long zero flex point.


  • Cutter less bending shaft.
  • Exceptional Everest tip for superb ball control
  • Precise fitting with Uni-loc joints
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not many colors to choose from.

The Best Beginner Pool Indicators of 2022 (Review)

As an Amazon Associate and Affiliate Marketer, I earn from qualified purchases. Although I may receive a small commission, I strive to provide honest product reviews to keep my readers happy! Full disclosure

Billiards or pool is a wonderful game and an exciting pastime. It is loved by many and for some, it is almost an addiction! It may look like a simple game of throwing a ball with a long stick, but, this game is not easy to play. Playing pool requires a lot of focus, patience and skill.

As a billiards enthusiast, you may be inspired by watching your favorite players and role models. You will be surprised how they achieved such precision and skill. Well, the short answer is a lot of practice. With enough practice, you can even reach this level. We all start somewhere and learn as we go, honing our skills over time and playing pool is no different.

It’s easy to think that all pool cues are the same, but pool cues are one of the most important tools in the game. It’s a great billiards accessory that makes it                     possible to get you through the game. Therefore, it is imperative that you get your hands on a pool cue that is of the highest quality and that suits your playing style. However, top of the line pool cues can cost thousands! Top-of-the-line pole cues have special features that make it easy to shoot accurately and consistently. You can check out our list of the best carbon fiber pole cues or our list of the best low-bending pole cues.

                                   Should I start with expensive pool cues?

Although having the right pool cue can help improve your game, when first starting out, I don’t necessarily recommend getting a top of the line pool cue because you’re going to stick to it. Can’t stay. So, I’ve compiled a list of the best cheap pool cues you can buy for under $100. These tips are great starter pool tips and will help you play well while learning the game.

The right pool cue will help you achieve finesse and perfection over time. Although most pool tables come with a pool cue as an additional accessory, you can buy a better one for a better game. Pool cues also define your playing style and personality.

The following list is a comprehensive overview of the top ten beginner pool signals that will cost you less than a hundred dollars. These are some of the best value pool indicators on the market. If you need help choosing, there’s a buyer’s guide at the end of the list to help you decide. I’m sure you’ll find the Best beginner pool cue on this list!

2 Best Beginner Pool Indicators for Under $100

  • Players Natural Maple Pool Cue
  • McDermott Lucky L63 Billiard Pool Cue

1. Player’s Pool Cue Review – Classic style natural maple

                                             Players Pool Cue

The shaft and cue are made from grade A hard rock maple from North America. For increased longevity and protection, this tip doesn’t go for your regular Irish linen. It uses a strong double-pressed lens with a joint that is of course made of stainless steel. It gives you a comfortable hold and a durable design.

To further increase its longevity and prevent the pole cue from sticking and breaking, these pole cues come with a high-impact ferrule. A lifetime guarantee against damage will guarantee that your pool cue looks as good as new for a very long time.

As for the construction of the wooden pool cue, it includes a maple arm that is naturally stained, the bottom is designed with four reverse overlay black veneer points, the cue is covered in a synthetic black wrap. is provided, and a white phenolic joint collar. . Complete with a high gloss finish. The tip is also ergonomically designed, with a high quality French “Le Pro” tip, which will ensure you get the most

                                        2. McDermott Lucky L63 Billiard Pool Cue Review

This stunning pool cue from McDermott is built for high performance. McDermott is a popular pool cue brand that also makes high-end pool cues. The McDermott Lucky L63 has a solid maple 13mm shaft with a leather tip. Which makes for a good performance pool cue. This fairly affordable wooden pool cue is made with fine grade hard rock maple which makes it durable, strong, and keeps the pool cue straight and upright while playing to give you the best gaming experience.

The grip on this cue is made of Irish linen wrap. This is common on many rods and provides a good grip for the beginner pole cue. This cue is 58 inches long but is a 2-piece cue so you can take it apart for easy transport and storage.

McDermott makes good quality pool cues and their low end pool cues are no different. While it may not be made of carbon fiber or have other bells and whistles. This cue is a solid starter cue and will give you the best shooting experience.

The McDermott Lucky series consists of many pool signals. So if you don’t like the design of L63, you can check other lucky indicators like L13, L4, L16, and many more.

If you want to check out McDermott Lucky Cues, click the button below. Other lucky indicators will appear under related items.


As a beginner, you need your pool cue to hone your skills. In this article, we have already mentioned the top 7 best pool cues for beginners and what you should consider before buying a pool cue. All pool cues are good for beginners and have unique designs. Pool tips are pretty good for starters under $50. Viking Valhalla and McDermott Classic are recommended pool cues for beginners. Because they are good in shape, cheap prices, Irish linen wraps, and more durable. Of course, these two pool indicators are good pool indicators for beginners.

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