5 things that maybe you did not know about billiard chalk

5 Things That maybe you did not know billiard chalk About

When the game starts some rest on the rails of the table and others in the hands or pockets player. But they all play a vital role in billiards: ensure a perfect grip between the block (the soleta) and ball to hit (white). Although stain and leave a mark, they are very dear because without them there could be no powerful shots or trick shots. In today’s article we highlight some interesting facts about chalks, the object of which is never separated or should separate themselves- any billiard player.    

Kamui Billiard Chalk

By David Muñoz

1- invented in 1897

William A. Spinks and William Hoskins created more than a century the concept of modern chalk. 1807 already used, but be made of calcium carbonate, traditional blackboard chalk, dust produced too staining the mat and balls. Both gave Williams formula with improved chalk produced from silica and aloxite barely gave off dust and also allowed players to apply more effects. Spinks Billiard Chalk , as the company is called, is the germ of chalks today.

2- Some cost more than 20 euros

Master , Silver Cup , Blue Diamond , Predator , Gold Star , Triangle … There are many brands of chalk with qualities, hardnesses and varying prices. Most of them ranges from 50 cents to 1 euro per unit, but there is much more expensive. This is the case of the Japanese Kamui , which costs just over 20 euros each. The price hit be made with a special paste that reduces the risk of miscues and kept much longer in soleta.  

3- They are of all colors

We are used to the blue chalk, but as cloths, there are virtually all colors: gray , black , red , green … No one has shown that the color of chalk influence the scrimmage or game, but it is true a chalk cloth of the same color (usually blue) is commonly used for the particles that flow on every shot stain the mat as possible.   

4- Do not abuse chalk

New brands require less chalk chalks between shots. That is, it is not necessary to put before each shot. If you exceed the use of chalk, as some players because they keep putting nonstop while thinking the play, it can be counterproductive because you create an extra, a barrier between the soleta and the ball, which can lead you to make more blunders layer.  

5- What differentiates a good chalk a not so good

A few months ago we published an article on the best chalks market which will serve you if you are looking for the perfect chalk. Note also the following criteria Dr. Dave stood out in this other article when chalks differentiate the top of the heap: good chalk is the only stain, which allows you to hit the white with much effect without do miscue, which remains after many shots, which “paints” While soleta, which does not cause kicks and, above all, what you exudes confidence.

Write in the comments what your favorite chalk and if you know some other curious about this must -have item for any billiard player .

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