5 Tips to overcome a negative streak in Billiards

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As in any sport, billiards moves by dynamics or gusts. Sometimes you are on the crest of the wave (everything goes well) and sometimes under water (everything is twisted). If you continue reading today’s article you will discover 5 tricks to overcome these negative streaks that we all live billiards. Prepared? Take note and return to the positive dynamic!

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Tricks To Overcome A Negative Racket In Billiards

By David Muñoz

1- Trust your game

Trust is the basis to recover after a bad run. If you do not trust your game yourself, who will? Even if you have failed easy balls or even if the game is a disaster, do not stay with that: value your virtues as a billiard player and trust that sooner or later you can put them on the table. This makes it easier to change the streak.

2- Return to the origins

By this I mean going back to the simple, to the basics, to what you already know how to do. Many billiards begin to try “weird things” when they are in a negative streak: that is, they take out where they never got, they try impossible shots never done, they forget to defend … You have to go back to the origins and simplify the game to increase the maximum the chances of entering any ball and gain confidence.

3- Remember a good comeback

We have all once starred in an epic comeback. That you go 5-1 down on the scoreboard and you end up winning 5-6. Remember and try to recover one of those comebacks (if you’ve never lived in the first person, sure you have witnessed that of a friend billiard). When you are back on the ropes (5-1 down or bad run), remember that day you managed to spin the tortilla. Why not do it again?

4- Ask for a timeout

Many billiards do not know how to ask for a timeout in time. By laziness or lack of habit, but do not use a vital resource to change the dynamics of a game. It is not about “bitching” the opponent, it is about using the mini break that we have when we have to take (and when it really can be effective: in a 4-1 below, for example). Time will serve to air, take perspective and face the game more strongly.

5- Eat!

A little sugar can fix everything, so it is very important that you feed well before, after and also during the game. That’s why I always try to have some fruit on hand in key encounters. When I notice that I begin to faint, to lower the level or I see that the dynamic is very negative, then it is the “banana moment”. Like the tennis players, go. If it does not convince you, a kitkat, an energetic bar or nuts are also very convenient. Sugar!

And here are the five tricks of the billiard that will help you overcome any pájara. Let’s review: trust your chances even if things do not go well, go back to the origins simplifying the game to the maximum, remember an epic comeback, use well (and when you really need it) the time-out and eat some fruit or chocolate during the match. You will notice the difference!

PD: What do you think of the 5 tricks? Do you already use them? Tell it in the comments?


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