10 historical Snooker games

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Last week we inaugurated the series of articles about mythical moments of billiards with the 10 historical games of Pool . Today is the turn of the Snooker . You will not be a total billiard player until you have seen and reviewed these maximum breaks and other unforgettable frames.

Stephen Hendry Snooker

By David Muñoz

1- The first televised Maximum (Steve Davis, Lada Classic 1982)

Never before had he seen a 147 on television. He got the first in 1982 a very young Steve Davis who did not believe what he had done after putting the complicated blue and pink.

2- Break of 69 road to the final (Alex Higgins, World Championship 1982)

With this fabulous comeback break, the unstable Alex Higgins forced the decider in the 1982 World Championship semifinal against Jimmy White .

3- The Crucible premieres 147 (Cliff Thorburn, World Championship 1983)

The first 147 won at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield (and therefore in the World Championship) came in 1983 from the hand of Cliff Thorburn “The Grinder”.

4- The fateful black fine (Dennis Taylor, World Championship 1985)

A memorable final that ended with an agony ending. After a perfect start to Davis and a great comeback by Dennis Taylor , they are tied (17-17) to the decisive frame and very even (62-59) to the last black.

5- The story is repeated for White (Stephen Hendry, World Championship 1994)

Will the defeated come to the sixth? No, unfortunately Jimmy White . In 1994 he lost again a World Championship final for the fifth consecutive time (six in total). Hendry took the decider.

6- The fastest 147 in history ( Ronnie O’Sullivan , 1997)

“El Rocket” shows off his nickname to achieve the fastest Maximum Break in history, in 5 minutes and 20 seconds. It was in the 1997 World Championship against Mick Price .

7- O’Sullivan commands in the decider (Ronnie O’Sullivan, World Championship 2005)

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Maguire come to the decider in the first round of the World Championship 2005. ‘The Rocket’ takes the match after forcing the failure of Maguire and achieve a great break.

8- Master in pristine cleaning (John Higgins, Masters, 2006)

John Higgins cleans the table and goes back 60 points against O’Sullivan to take the deciding frame in the final of the 2006 Masters.

9- The perfect Snooker (Ding Junhui, Masters 2011)

Ding Junhui achieves an impeccable defense to force the absence of Marco Fu and take this great defensive frame of the 2011 Masters final.

10- A dream retreat (Stephen Hendry, World Championship 2012)

That less than hanging the cue with a Maximum Break in the Crucible. Hendry did it in the first round of the 2012 World Championship, the last tournament he played before his retirement.

What do you think of these 10 historical moments of the Snooker? Would you add one more? Write it in the comments.

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