What Is The Difference Between Billiards And Snooker?

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The differences between snooker and pool billiards

Snooker and Pool are both billiard variations that are played on a pool table with six pockets. The snooker is twelve feet long and six feet wide. The area is larger than the pool billiards, where the table is nine feet long in official tournaments. The balls are called snooker ball and have a smaller diameter than the pool . The pockets are pulled further into the table and close, so that snooker proves to be the most technically difficult billiard variant , which makes high demands on the players.

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snookeris played with 15 red and 6 differently colored balls. The goal is to sink all balls with a white ball. A match goes over several frames. Frames are game segments or rounds and vary from event to event. The winner is the player who can win more than half of the specified frames. In ranked tournamentsthe number of frames is always odd, so it can not be a tie. For other games, the number of frames may be even. The player with the higher score wins the frame. A player may also give up voluntarily if he considers the backlog unrecoverable. If there is a draw at the end of a frame, the black ball is put on again and played until the black ball is holed up or a foul is committed.

When betting on the frame winner is to be noted that the frame ends must be in order for the betremains valid. If a match does not finish, all bets placed on the game will be void. In addition, for betting purposes only balls that are flush with the rules are counted, foul balls are not counted.

The snooker is an announcement gameie the ball played must be announced. Should it be apparent from the game situation but which ball is played, can be dispensed with an announcement. It is alternately first a red ball and then to sink a different colored ball. Each ball has a certain value, which is credited to the player when popping the ball. Red balls bring one point, the yellow two points, the green three, the brown four, the blue five, the pink six and the black seven. Only the red balls remain in their pockets after sinking, the other colors are put back on the table. If all red balls have been played, then the differently colored balls are played in order of their value. A player is always at his turn until he can not sink a ball.Break called. If a player comes into the situation that he can not play a ball, he usually performs a safety shock (safety) . He tries to play the ball so that the opponent can not play a ball himself. Ideally, the opponent is snoozed by this safety thrust .

snooker is when a ball that is on is covered by a ball that is not on, so the opponent’s play ability is limited . This often leads to errors or fouls, On is a ball if it can or must be played next. This ball must be hit as the first ball. If a red ball has to be played, then all the red balls are on. For differently colored balls the ball is on, which was announced by the player. But even in combinations, balls can be sunk according to the rules. This is when a ball is played, which then hits another ball and then sunk. Both the played and the punched ball must be on.

foul is a foul blow punished with at least four points credited to the opponent. A foul , for example, occurs when the white ball rolls into a pocketor jump off the table. Even if a ball is played that is not on, a foul is given. If this foul is committedon a ball higher than four, the foul will be penalized with the point value of the respective ball. Jump balls, so-called jump shots , are just as forbidden as a puncture, the so-called push shot . This is when the cue still has contact with the ball after the kick or when the cue still has contact with the white ball while it is striking another ball. Likewise, a foul occurs when the ball hits another ball when playing a ball that is on. When pushing always has toone foot of the player touching the ground . After a foul, the foul can either continue to play the foul from the new position or continue playing himself.

At kick off or when the ball has been punched or has left the table, a ball comes into play : The player may place the ball anywhere on the field marked on the field (D) and make his next kick from there.

The referee gives a free ball if the player is snookered after a foul by his opponent. Then this player may announce another ball and then sink it. Even a miss is from the refereein connection with a challenge given if the referee is of the opinion that there is a better solution was, which would have prevented a challenge or that the player has attempted below its playing skills to perform an illegal shot. Afterwards, the foul not only decides whether he or his opponent should continue to play from the new position, but it is also possible that all balls are set to their old position before the foul and the foul must repeat the shock. There are different variants of

the pool . Again, players have one shot each, Each player is allowed to play until he no longer scores a ball or commits a foul. For example, a foul may occur when the ball jumps off the table or the white ball is sunk, the cue touches a colored ball, or the player touches a ball with the body or clothing. A puncture is also a foul. Depending on the discipline , the fouls are punished differently .

8 Ball’s goal is to sink a group of full or half balls and finally the black 8. The balls are built up in a triangle, The group can not be determined by the first shot. Should a ball be scuttled on impact, this only means that the player remains at the table. The black 8 must be sunk at the end, but it does not matter in which pocket it is sunk . There is also a ball in hand with a foul , where the white ball can be placed anywhere on the table at the pool . At the 9 ball , balls one to nine are played. These are initially set up in a rhombus

, The one must be in front, the nine in the middle. An announcement is not required, it must always be the ball with the lowest number sunk . The player who first engulfs the nine with a proper kick wins. If a player makes three fouls in a row, that player loses the game.

14 / endlessly is a points game , in which a certain score , the previously set is varied and must be achieved. For every scored ball the player gets one point, for each foul one point is deducted. Negative points are possible. In addition, this is an announcement game, In case of an impact, at least two colored balls have to touch the band, otherwise two minus points are awarded, with three fouls one after the other 15 minus points.

In case of over / under bets on the total number of balls, all bets will be void unless the maximum total number that could be wagered has already been reached. The cue ball does not count for betting purposes. Foulballs are also not counted for betting purposes. If a started match is not ended, then in principle all bets that were concluded on the game exit become invalid.

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