Sergio Santana wins the Pool Fiction IV Anniversary tournament Billiards Game Table Wallpaper 15155


Sergio Santana wins the tournament Pool Fiction IV Anniversary

The grancanario player Sergio Santana beat this past weekend in the tournament 8 Ball IV Anniversary of the club Pool Fiction of Las Palmas.

Open 8 Ball Winners Of Pool Fiction    Participants In The 8 Ball Pool Open Fiction

Santana won the final the player of Fuerteventura Pablo de la Nuez and took 1,000 euro bonus granting organization, while De La Nuez pocketed 300 euros.

3rd place in the tournament was Paul J. Cobo , 4th Damian Bocutti , 5th José de la Nuez and 6th José Franco . They won 100 euro bonus.

Participant Open 8 Ball Pool Club Fiction    Image Club Pool Fiction

Of note is the effort made by the organizer Paco Suarez for this tournament could be held. In addition to the attractive prizes, players benefited from the renovation and refurbishment of play equipment and new cloths with tables.

The tournament had its finale with a toast and snack for all participants. 

From Poolmania we thank to Guillermo Naranjo by chronic and photos of the tournament. You can see them all here;  (Creative Commons) 

One Of The Winners In The Tournament 8 Ball Pool Fiction   Paul J. Cobo During The Tournament Ball 8 Pool Fiction


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