The 5 best pool tacos to take out

Los 5 Mejores Tacos Para Sacar


The 5 best pool cues to take out

If last week we analyzed the best diving pool cues , today is the turn of the corner. Breaking it is vital to maintain the initiative of the game and not give option rival. It is therefore important to have a good taco kick you provide the first shot: You must have a hard sole, an arrow low deflection and balanced in order to transmit power and speed to the triangle weight. With much practice and using any of the five blocks that follow, you’ll achieve Stratospheric serves as Shane Van Boening or Ko Pin Yi.


By David Muñoz

1 Predator BK3 (549’90 €)

Predator is the reference and make a difference. Your BK3 is probably the best taco out of the world, so many professional players use it and why it is so expensive. Experience design and performance improvements over the previous version, the BK2. Comes with weight distribution Break-Balanced, arrow fiber reinforced carbon, and gasket Uni-Loc matte low friction finish. It is also available with a grip smooth or sport .

2- Mezz Power Break II (429’90 €)

The “Power Break II” Mezz has been designed and manufactured with innovative technology Deep Impact. With a shorter club, Mezz has reduced the amount of deflection and distortion that occurs at the time of impact. This keeps the power of the player hit and transfers it directly to the white ball. Mezz has also developed and incorporated a unique weight adjustment system to suit the player ‘s needs. It is available in color brown and also black .

3- Cuetec Bullet Break ($ 230)

What taco take the best punches of the world? For Shane Van Boening with this Cuetec Bullet Break, the brand that sponsors. It is much more economical than the two previous options but no less good and the American provides fantastic results. This is what Shane says taco, made of hard maple and coated with fiberglass: “It has a very soft touch, allowing faster, more powerful stroke, resulting in the best possible break.”

4- Longoni TJB (548 €)

Another champion with Niels Feijen serve is groundbreaking. In this case the Dutch terminator uses the TJB Longoni, whose price is similar to BK3. It is a jump break, and so besides taking also serves to jump. It includes a mace and two arrows (one S2-BRK hard-soled Kamui Black and another arrow jump in maple Pro phenolic ferrule), and allows three positions depending on the shooting: short jump: extended jump and kick. It comes with the thread Longoni VP2 and synthetic grip.

5- Players HXTP2 Pure X (289’90 €)

And finally, another recommendation of a global crack, Jennifer Barretta. Wad kick and jump HXTP2 Pure Player X allows full control of the game with three interchangeable quick release joints to choose the perfect shot. It is therefore a block of four pieces with six possible configurations, one of the best options for money. Comes threaded Uni-Loc Radial, and synthetic phenolic sole grip.

Tell us in the comments taco use to take. Are you planning to renew it? What you would buy these five models?


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