Best pool cue for a spin

Best Pool Cue For A Spin

Pool cue for spin reviews

Cue ball spin and pool performance complement each other. However, putting a perfect spin on the ball requires a lot of practice and of course the right cue stick. Whether you’re playing billiards, snooker, or pool, you can take advantage of the best pool cues for a spin.

When you apply the correct spin, it gives you much better control of the cue ball as it hits the object, leaving you better prepared for the next shot. It also gives you an advantage when you are playing snooker and find it difficult to hit the object ball directly.

It is also widely known in the billiards world that the performance of the pool cue lies in the shaft and that the first six inches are the most important. The pool cue tip is where the rubber object hits the surface of the ball, which is where the energy from your pool cue is transferred to the ball to create the perfect balance of accuracy, speed, and spin.

So, if it lands you in the market to find the best pool cues, expect to be bombarded with tons of options. To make your decision easier, our team has reviewed some of the best pool indicators on the market and presented a select few that stand out from the rest.

Best Pool Cue For A Spin
Best Pool Cue For A Spin 5


First, we have soft cue tips. Unlike a hard tip, when you use a soft tip to shoot, you will notice that the tip stays or makes contact with the cue ball a moment longer than a firm tip. This is because the softer the tip, the more it will absorb the impact of the shot. Underneath the soft tip, you’ll see the cue ball do an “English,” where it spins more than normal.

Additionally, Cue-tips that are soft are more prone to deformation – with regular use, they can quickly lose their circular shape, or the tip can pull out of the ferrule, causing some serious damage. A rash is produced. Thus, you will have to put extra time and effort into maintaining them to keep them in good condition.

Anyone who is a fan of that extra spin and putting the cue ball to good use will definitely love using soft cue tips. But we must give a fair warning – you will find yourself shaping and trimming your cue tip more often than not. Also, you should know that soft tips have to be replaced quite often or whenever the need arises, as a result of their extra maintenance.

Follow the shot

Now if you want the cue ball to move forward after hitting the object ball, you need to play a follow shot. Following the cue ball requires a topspin and a good stroke. So hit the cue ball high to get more follow-through and you should see the object ball moving forward after you hit it. You may also notice that on some shots, even if you haven’t hit the cue ball high, the object seems to move forward after contact with the ball. This is because the friction felt on the table without any backspin or stun on the cue ball causes the ball to move forward causing the ball to follow. This type of spin is called natural roll English.

Shot draw

A backspin or drawing needs to be applied to bring the cue ball back after shooting. The more difficult types of draw spin depending on the right stroke are to get used to. A draw shot works by using a backspin on the cue ball to pull the ball backward after contact with the object ball. To make a draw shot you must hit the cue ball low with your tip and this should create a backspin on the cue ball. The cue ball will pull back until the backspin ends until the cue ball catches the object ball.

Stop the shot

One of the easiest and most effective shots in the pool is the stop shot. The reason it’s such a powerful shot is that it’s relatively easy to execute consistently and is incredibly accurate because you know exactly where the cue ball will end up after you hit the ball. To make a stop shot you must stun the cue ball by hitting it slightly off-center which will cause the cue ball to slide across the table. If the cue ball is sliding and the object hits the ball completely, it will stop in place. Now keep in mind, this reaction will only happen when the object hits the ball completely, otherwise, the cue ball will not stop but will move in another direction.

Here are the details of some best pool cues for a spin:

Best Pool Cue For A Spin
Best Pool Cue For A Spin 6

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two Piece Pool Cue

When you want to improve your game, look to the Players Technology Series HXT15, a two-piece pool cue made from high-grade and hand-picked North American hard rock maple. The arm is made from walnut-stained maple and the butt section features a traditional diamond and puncture point design.

In addition to being beautiful to look at, the Pool Cue also uses advanced technology with the HXT Low Deflection ferrule to increase accuracy and power to make your friends jealous. It also has a perfect black tip which gives the user more durability, better spin, and better grip.

When it comes to performance, it’s worth noting that the HXT high-tech low-deflection shaft helps to significantly reduce cue ball deflection. We were also impressed to know that the product is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Product features and specifications.

  • Weight 18-20.5 ounces
  • 12.75 mm tip
  • Kamui Black Soft Tip
  • Solid black Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • HXT Low Deflection Shaft

User/Customer Reviews

Many professional players who have played hundreds of games have said that this reasonably priced cue is as good as it is expensive. Beginners have also stated that this is just the type of wooden cue they wanted to learn the game and improve. A few consumers have warned that the packaging is not accurate.


If you’re looking for a high-quality pool cue stick that looks and feels great 5, while at the same time giving you the best playing performance, the Players Technology Series HXT15 (Shop Now) is a Good choice. Overall, we feel that this two-piece pool cue is worth the price you pay for it.


Players Classic Bird’s Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

If you want to play like a pro, both in terms of performance and feel, then you should check out the next product – The Players Classic Bird’s-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings cue. This is a traditional style billiard cue that comes with a nutmeg-stained maple arm and butt.

The Pool Cue also features a genuine black double-pressed Irish linen wrap and a stainless steel joint collar with a triple silver ring set. It has a timeless appeal that makes amateurs, as well as professional players, want a good stick for casual play at home.

In addition to the high-grade wood used to make the pool cue stick, it is finished with a high-gloss super UV coating on the exterior. This prevents the wood from sticking or wearing away with use. Additionally, the manufacturer stands behind each product with a solid lifetime warranty.

Product features and specifications.

  • Measures 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weight 0.35 oz
  • Spin capability
  • Double-pressed Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • 13mm premium tip
  • Lifetime warranty

User/Customer Reviews

Many people have said they have received compliments on how good the pool cue feels and the bit finish is absolutely flawless. Some users have also said that choosing their own cues instead of picking one from the crowd has helped them improve their game by several notches. Some users have mentioned that they wish it came with a nice case to hold the pool cue.


It is a well-made pool cue made of premium quality wood and has a clean and elegant look that can impress anyone. The steel joints and ringwork are also of good quality, which stands out from the stand-alone cue sticks. Overall, we feel that this product offers a good value-for-money performance ratio.

Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue

Crafted from premium-grade hard rock Canadian maple wood, these pool cue sticks feature a 58-inch cue length. The joints are made of stainless steel material to add stability to the structure and also have a 13 mm rigid adhesive tip.

While these pool cues may not give you a lot of control that you can find in other expensive ones, they are good enough to give you a good spin. They are definitely better than off-the-rack cues, and also help you improve your game.

Product features and specifications.

  • Better spin
  • 13 mm hard tip
  • 5/16×18 joint
  • 58″ Hard Rock Canadian Maple
  • 5/16×18 joint
  • Black nylon wrap
  • 25mm white ABS ferrule

User/Customer Reviews

The people who bought these pool cue are mostly casual players who wanted to play them occasionally but were pleasantly surprised by the good quality of these cues. People have also said that these cues are great for both kids and adults. Some users have also said that they provide a good variety of weights as per preference.


This is a beautiful set of pool cue that will adorn the racks and work great for people with different preferences. Despite being reasonably priced, they are good in terms of quality and offer amazing performance.

Pool Cue New 58″ Billiard House Bar Pool Cue

If you’re looking for a set of pool cues that everyone in the family can use, we recommend this product from the House of Billiard Depot. It consists of four pieces of 58 inch pool which are completely reliable for residential use.

The billiard cues feature a well-constructed hardwood shaft and 13mm leather cue tips. It also has a beautiful overlay decal bit that adds more appeal to the cue sticks. They are designed to give you a good hit on the object ball and spin as a result.

During our review, we were impressed with the LePro’s cue-tips, medium to medium. Although they have a tighter balance, in our opinion, pool cue tips are still capable of giving you a nice monster spin.

Product features and specifications.

  • 4pcs of 58″ pool cues
  • 5/16×18 joint
  • Better spin
  • Standard weight
  • 13 mm leather Q-tips
  • Secure and strong ferrules
  • Hidden shiny section
  • Beautiful overlay decal bit

User/Customer Reviews

Users find these straight tips absolutely elegant and sharp in appearance, with a nicely styled tip. Many people have mentioned that they have received some really nice compliments on the way the cue sticks look and perform. Some users have also mentioned that these sticks are very well proportioned and well shaped so that you get a good feel while playing.


If you want a complete set of pool cues in different weights and heights for different family members with different needs, this one fits the bill perfectly. While we can’t really guarantee long-term durability, these sticks look good and perform as expected. Overall, we think you get what you pay for.

Viking Valhalla 800 & 900 Series 2 Piece 58” Pool Cue – Best Overall Pool Cue

The V123K is designed for simplicity in both form and function. Using the company’s Vikore Hard Rock Maple shaft, it delivers low-bending performance for more control and fewer errors even when hitting your ball harder. The two halves are joined by a stainless steel joint and rely on wood-to-wood contact to keep the cue perfectly straight, so there is no warping at the center point. This results in an assembled cue that feels like it’s naturally one piece. This cue uses Birdseye maple and is crafted with a laminated Everest tip, which hits hard but offers the kind of ball control you expect from a soft tip, a durable resin ferrule. with that is crack and stain resistant for long life. An Ultraviolet Urethane 3 protective finish and Viking’s trademark blue acrylic pearl inlays give this cue a classic look, with a 12-14″ conical taper for smooth playability.

The Eastpoint Sports Composite cue is our top recommendation for any beginner out there. Made using premium fiberglass reinforced with titanium, this great stick is basically almost indestructible. It will not break or deform easily. You can confidently learn and practice as often as you want and not worry about damaging it.

Unlike most wooden sticks, even the best ones, this one won’t warp or fade easily. Quality materials and design ensure a reliable, long life that is better than wooden sticks for beginners. The tip is made of aluminum and offers excellent performance. It is strong and will send the ball in the right direction every time.

The grip on the other hand is made of microfiber and is very comfortable for the hand. So, you get amazing control over the stick and you can use it for a long time without your hands getting too tired.

Eastpoint Sports Composite is also a deluxe billiard cue with a stainless steel joint system that facilitates easy assembly and storage. It screws in so tightly that you won’t even know it’s a collapsible model.

Usually, once you buy this cue, you won’t be buying another anytime soon. It’s very durable and a great choice for those out there looking for a tip that will help them take their game to the next level.

Lucasi Custom Sneaky Pet Pool Cue

If you’re willing to spend the money on a solid pool cue, Lucasi’s Sneaky Pet might be the right option for you.

The main feature of this pole stick is that the low bending shaft will help you control the cue ball accurately in the game. Low ball deflection through the shaft is thanks in part to the so-called Zero Flexpoint ferrule – it’s designed to be light and stiff to minimize ball deflection. The solid core of the shaft is another important contributor to the low deflection of this shaft.

Lucas also boasts the Tiger Everest tip which combines the control of a soft tip, the attack of a medium tip, and the durability of a hard tip.

Another notable thing about the Sneaky Pet Q is its precise fitting two-piece design. If you are traveling a lot, this feature will come in handy as it will save some space in your luggage.

Mention should also be made of the construction of the Sneaky Pet Pool cue – this thing is made from beautiful bird’s eye maple that is pleasing to the eye and touch.

Speaking of connectivity, it doesn’t come with any wraps. Well, if you’re a seasoned pool player, you probably have your favorite wrap, so this might not be a problem for you.


  • Better spin
  • Low turning shaft.
  • Durable and controllable tip.


Design is not for everyone.

Players Technology Series HXT15

The HXT15 series by Players is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-cost indicator with great performance. It has the same shot as the Predator Sport 2 and the Lukasi Sneaky Pete cues, it’s also much cheaper and a better option for beginners to advanced pool players.

The HXT15 also boasts a low bending shaft. Like the previous two cues, this Pole Q’s low-bending character is largely thanks to the polymer core ferrule. With that said, it’s safe to say that you won’t get as much control from this cue as from the pricier options.

The default tip included with the HXT15 is soft. This tip will provide increased spin capacity but less durability. But if you can use the increased spin capacity, the HXT15Q can work wonders for you.

Grip-wise, it’s nothing special – its Irish linen wrap will be grippy enough, but after the grip of the Sport2, it doesn’t offer anything special. It’s not bad if you don’t need anything out of this world!


  • Soft tip with high spin capacity.
  • Spin accuracy.
  • Low turning shaft.


Not as durable as higher-priced brands.

 Predator Sport 2 with 314-3 shaft

This cue is for more serious players who want good looks, spin accuracy, and great performance.

The Predator’s most proud feature in this cue is the 314-3 low-deflection shaft with a light and stiff V-Tek ferrule, a strong and tactile V-Tek fiber tip, and a vault plate that brings the shaft components together. Is. . Together, they create a rigid construction that is durable and has excellent kinetic energy transfer characteristics.

The Predator Sport 2 Pool Cue also features a four-piece bit construction designed to reduce vibration and provide greater accuracy.

Another notable feature of the Sport 2 is the five-zone grip that provides five different traction zones for gripping. The wrap is very tough and helps fight moisture. Please note that the wrap is made of rubber.

But perhaps its most notable benefit is the Uni-Loc weight cartridge system. The system comes with eight weights ranging from 0.1 to 2 ounces, allowing you to change the feel and performance of the cue on the fly.

The Predator Sport 2 Pole Stick is certainly a spectacle, but it’s also a fantastic value. But if you’re an advanced pool player and willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a high-quality pool cue, this might be the right option.


  • Correct low-bending shaft.
  • soft
  • Adjustable cue weight.
  • Sticky wrap for better grip.


If you’re not a fan of rubber wrap, you might want to look elsewhere.

Lucas LHC98 Hybrid Pool Cue

The Lucasi LHC98 Hybrid Pool Cue features top-of-the-line materials and performance that appear to be on par with what the Predator Sport 2 cue offers.

Needless to say, you’re getting less ball deflection with this awesome stick. The LHC98 has the familiar stiff and light Zero Flexpoint ferrule also found on the Lucasi Sneaky Pete Cue.

This is where the similarities between the two Lucas Pool indicators pretty much end. The LHC98 Hybrid has some additional features designed to reduce vibration and increase ball control and accuracy.

One such feature is the four-piece bit construction – similar to the Sport 2Cue’s bit, the Locasi four-piece bit is there to improve the stability of the Cue. Additionally, you have shock-absorbing memory foam included in the wrap for added stability and precision.

Lucas also boasts a ten-layer Kamui Pro Soft tip that increases spin capacity at the cost of less durability.

Unlike the Lucasi Sneaky Pete, the LHC98 Hybrid comes with a wrap. In fact, the included wrap is a high quality embossed leather wrap! This wrap seems easier to construct than Sport2’s five-zone wrap, but who said you need five grip zones to stay on top?


  • Soft tip with great spin potential.
  • Low turning shaft.
  • Premium quality leather wrap.


Decreased stability in the soft tip.

Predator 8K-2 Pool Cue

The Predator 8K-2 may be retired, but it’s still one of the best high-end pool cues one can find out there.

The 8K-2 Pool Cue has many advantages over the Predator Sport 2. That is, it has a second-generation 314 low-deflection shaft. While not as controllable and stiff as the third-gen 314 shafts in the Sports 2Q, the shaft in the 8K-2 still provides exceptional ball stiffness, control, and feel.

The Uni-Loc weight system is still here, allowing you to fine-tune its weight on the fly.

The design is classic and a bit old school.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the fancy grip that the Predator Sport 2 had. With that said, the leather wrap should be enough for most people, and it looks good too.


  • Adjustable weight.
  • Medium spin accuracy
  • Great design.


Not suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

 Lucasi mystic pool Cue

Lucas also boasts an extended taper designed by five-time world champion Thorsten Hohmann. This extended taper should make the cue a bit less stiff and reduce deflection, which is certainly welcome in such a price tag.

In terms of ball deflection, Lukasi is very similar to the mystically timid Pete Cue. The Mystic cue features the same Tiger Everest tip with balanced feel and spin, as well as the same stiff and lightweight polymer ferrule.

Lucas also excels in the mystical look department, thanks in part to CNC-machined original studs.

Unfortunately for some though, the mystical gesture again doesn’t come with any wraps. If you’re addicted to wraps, set aside some money to buy one.


  • Extended taper designed by world champion Thorsten Hohmann.
  • Spin accuracy
  • Low turning shaft.
  • Durable and controllable tip.


  • Precious
  • Comes unwrapped.

KONLLEN Carbon Fiber Pool Cue

Carbon fiber pole with an affordable price point Q? Yes it is true! The Conlon Carbon Fiber Pole Cue is one of the best entry-level cues on the market today.

It comes in at a price point that won’t break your bank account but performs like a mid-range model.

Low turning shaft

Like the Player’s HXT15 and the Lucasi Custom Pole Cue, the Conlon Carbon Fiber Pole Cue has a low-deflection shaft.

But the main difference is that the Konlon is made of carbon fiber instead of wood.

It features a slim 12.5mm pro-taper shaft designed to have less scoot or bend. It is actually really useful and accurate during soft and medium hits.

But it actually deviates more than the Lucasi custom poll cue when firms go for hits.

Comfortable grip

The bit of the Conlon Carbon Fiber Pole Cue is made from maple and comes with a rubberized grip that feels comfortable and very soft.

But unfortunately, inlays aren’t actually inlays, they’re just decals that can peel off after extensive use.

Even so, they still look good and make the Cue look more premium.

Restoration of Kim

In general, carbon fiber shafts require less maintenance than wood shafts.

They are not prone to warping or cracking, and are also more durable.

The carbon fiber core in this pole cue may not be as tough as the more expensive carbon fiber pole cues on the market, but it’s still tough enough to handle the abuse of everyday play.

You can also take good care of the indicator by making sure it is not exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. If you do this, it will last you a long time.

Solid Color with McDermott Lucky Q Irish Linen Wrap

McDermott Lucky Cue is a great starter stick with an Irish linen wrap. This cue comes in many different colors including yellow, green, cherry and gray.

Basic but playable

McDermott Lucky doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more advanced signals, but it’s still a great option for someone just starting to play pool.

The Cue has a Hardrock Maple 13mm shaft that looks solid but has a quiet feel.

It’s also pretty accurate, I tried using it with basic “English” and was able to get the ball where I wanted it most of the time.

The shaft came out straight as an arrow and the tip was hard enough to give me some good action on the table.

Highly customizable

McDermott Lucky Pool Cue is a great choice for different genders and ages. Cue comes in a variety of different colors, so you can match your style.

You can also choose weights between 18-21 oz, so you can find the perfect tip to fit your needs.

KAMUI Clear Pool Cue Tip

Size: 13mm and 14mm

Hardness: Very soft, soft, and hard

Just like the previous two brands, KAMUI is one of the leading enterprises in its field and specializes in making the best quality Q-tips. The KAMUI Clear Original Layered Pool Cue Stick Tip is a classic used by people all over the world.

The original clear tip from KAMUI comes in 13mm or 14mm leather, constructed from a total of 8 layers of pig leather. All the materials used are of high quality and come with many advantages that other indicators of this type in the market do not.

The first of these advantages would be that the final layers of the tip are not at all inclined to absorb the used glue which plays a big role in making your shots consistent. Additionally, when you’re using this super soft tip, you won’t need to sand or smooth the bottom layer. How easy is it to maintain?

All KAMUI Pool  cue tips are known for being easy to install and the same goes for the KAMUI Clear Original, especially since the layers are clear and the ‘glow side’ is even. Additionally, since we’re dealing with very little glue here, not only will it be easy to install, but the layers will also adhere beautifully.

If you’ve used this tip, it’s the secret behind those perfect shots, the way you get both the results you want and the performance that’s characteristic of an ultra-soft tip.

This characteristic of ultra soft tip concludes the great spin

Avoid using gel-based glues for installation. They have a thick consistency that increases drying time and the tip and cue barely stick together. For best results, we recommend using a liquid base super glue that allows the super soft tips to adhere properly.

In addition to all this, the chalk grips the tip well and the tip is likely to last a long time without growing too much, even though it is extremely soft, according to user reviews. This speaks volumes about the product, everyone should try it.

CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip

Size: 14mm

Hardness: Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard, Double Hard

CUESOUL is a brand known in the billiards industry for the fantastic equipment they produce. But what people really rave about are their pool cue tips. Made in Japan with the finest quality pig leather, no one doubts that they are the best on the billiards market.

Going a step further, they offer customers four firmness levels and a size of 14 mm:

Soft: For those who want ultimate control over their pool balls that come with spin. With this tip, you’ll get hits like no other.

Medium: With this tip, you will not only be able to channel more power but also control your shots and correct any errors.

The other two types are ‘mixed hardness’ – both types feature a mix of both soft tips and hard tips that allow you to play in a certain way.

In addition to the generous variety to choose from, you’ll also be pleased to know that CUESOUL indicators are easy to install, whether you decide to screw them in or opt for gluing. Even better, these cue tips can double as snooker cue tips if you’re also a snooker fan. It’s just that you have to do some sharpening to get it into shape.

Best Pool Cue for Spin FAQs

Best Pool Cue For A Spin
Best Pool Cue For A Spin 7

 How can I find the best pool cue for a spin?

 If you want spin in your shots, you should choose soft tips on your pool cue. Tips made from compressed filaments of leather are set on the perfect pole cue. No other part of the pool cue matters for the purpose of the spin.

 How can I find the best pool cue for novice or professional players?

 The carbon fiber ferrule, low deflection shaft, luxury leather wrap, and premium look are the hallmarks of the professional level Pole Cue. A pool player’s preferences are very important to them when purchasing a pool cue because of the sensitivity they have developed over the years to the different materials of different parts of the cue.

 What size pool cue is best?

Standard pool cue sizes for people of average height are 57 inches (one-piece pool cue) and 58 inches (two-piece pool cue). The 61-inch pool cue is a standard size for players taller than 6 feet 5 inches. For women and children, the extendable 48-inch Pool Cue is the most popular option.

How do I get more backspin in my pool?

To put backspin/draw on the cue ball, you need to hit the cue ball under center. This will cause the cue ball to spin on its axis as it travels forward, creating backspin. If you want more draw or backspin on your shot, try hitting the cue ball lower without making a mistake.

How do you get maximum spin on the cue ball?

The best way to get maximum spin is to prepare your tip and chalk it well, then hit the cue ball as far to the right or left of center as you can without making a mistake. Your stroke plays an important role here as well.

How does the spin cue affect the ball?

Adding spin to the cue ball increases your control over its final position, allowing you to hit the object ball in a way that matches your next shot. This is a great strategy for getting out of difficult situations such as safety shots and you can’t hit the object ball directly.

Why are mass shots not allowed?

Generally, they are banned in most pool halls because most novice players do not have the right skills to pull them off. This can cause unnecessary damage to the balls and tear the cloth from the pool table, which can be expensive. It is also a very difficult shot that requires a lot of practice and patience.

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