7 tips to buy a pool cue

7 tips to buy a pool cue

What pool cue buy me? Surely more than once you’ve probably asked that question. Unless you have very clear ideas and know what you are lookingis very likely that you do need extra help to make a decision.

To put it a little easier and if you’re at this juncture, we give these 7 tips for buying a pool cue:

1- To taste the colors. A well – known saying and we can also apply billiards. Indulge your feelings and that taco that apapta to what you want and surely you will return with renewed hopes to the table.

2- Ask pool players and fans. There is nothing better to seek advice from other players you know and that you can find in your club pool usual. Most often , you’re surrounded by other fans playing with different brands of taco and you can ask them to let you try to verify that you think. Feel the touch pool cue will help you make a more informed decision.

3- Visit specialized forums on the Internet. If the advice of your fellow pool is not over dissipate your doubts, you have the option of attending specialized forums for help. There are many people like you who share the same tastes and providing selfless assistance to people who share the same hobby. If you convince this option you can stop by that of Poolmania .

4- Set your budget. Knowing the money you want to spend on your new pool cue will make your search easier. Without going more lejor when people see us www.poolmania.es  Taco recommend you, first thing we ask you is about the budget you have. Real wonders can be found within a range of economic prices without having to let all savings?

5- Be aware of your game. If you are starting in the pool is not advisable to invest a lot of money in buying a taco. The most important thing is that you choose is functional and fits your level of play. When you neglect “pique the bug” billiard and have time to acquire one higher than you’ll actually higher performance range.

6- Choose a brand that fits with what you want. The spectrum of brands billiard cues is huge and you will have a free hand to choose from . There are brands with excellent price / quality ratio as in the case of Pechauer, Mezz or Karma, but it will be a very personal decision you have to take. Of course, keep in mind when choosing the warranty offered by the manufacturer if you had a problem with the pool cue.

7 Buy a trusted site. Being a minority sport, it is very difficult to find physical stores. For this reason, online stores gain prominence and is a regular resource for pool players to make their purchases. Check and seeks comment from other players about the place where you go to buy your cue to do with confidence and trust.

And you, what advice would you add to when buying a pool cue?


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