The most complete guide to buy a pool cue

The most complete guide to buy a pool cue

Is it time to buy your first cue or update you already use has come? It is an important decision, so in this article have all the keys to choose the taco that best suits your needs. Dimensions, weight, handgrips, arrows, types of soles … everything! Prepared?

Here is the complete guide to buying a pool cue.

The Most Complete Guide To Buying A Pool Cue

By David Muñoz

1- How can I (I) fanciest?

The million dollar question: the budget. Can I fanciest 100 euros or 400? Depending on your financial capacity, you can choose tacos with higher or lower performance: that is, arrows advanced level, complex inlays mace, etc. For starters, a block of about 100 euros can go well.

2- Is my first taco?

How long have you been playing billiards and for what purpose you want to buy the taco, those two issues are also very important. It is to compete, to play with friends …? All this influences. If you just start playing, you need a first basic taco: I (like many billiard players ) started playing with this Cuetec fiber that I have much affection.

3. What parts of taco should I know?

The pool cue has four important parts you should know:

– The mace (or truncheon). It is the bottom of the plug, the heavier and thicker, which usually has a colorful design (scaling) and is located where the grip (grip)

– The arrow . It is the top of the dowel, thinner and lighter than the hub. The shaft diameter is reduced up to the ferrule and the sole.

– The thread . As the name suggests, is the thread that serves to unite arrow and mace. There are many types depending on the bolts: Unilock, 3x8x10, 5x16x18, 5x16x14, etc.

– The ferrule (or cap). It is the normally white small piece that connects the wooden arrow with the sole.

– The sole (or soleta). It is a small piece of leather very important because it is responsible for contacting the cue ball. Its function is to transmit the energy of the cue ball and grab the maximum to her.

4- How much should measure and weigh?

If you are very tall, which is a longer than normal Pelin. The less you weigh, the more control. Standard measures of most pool cues are:

– Length : between 145 and 150 cm long.

– Weight : between 500 and 600 grams.

5- What diameter and type of sole is better?

The diameter of the sole American pool is usually from 13 mm to 11mm.

The more diameter, the easier it is to put balls but have fewer options to apply effects to white.

If the diameter is low, as the arrow Z3 (11’85 mm), it becomes more difficult to get balls and possibilities to apply a lot of effects soar. This diameter requires more player control.

Another important factor is the sole hardness : no soft soles, medium and hard. The soft soles cause grip with white hard and that are more demanding. Therefore, if you are starting it is advisable to opt for a medium or hard soles .

The sole I use: Kamui Clear Original (Super Soft)

6- What kind of handle (grip) should I choose?

There are four types of classic handgrips. Depending on the grip you want to feel, you should be one of these:

– Grip rubber , which ensures grip

– No grip , the surface is smooth and shiny, good grip with moisture hand.

– Grip skin , less grip than rubber but a nice touch.

– Grip linen , lets more air and therefore there is no such feeling grip. It is the grip that suits me better my?

7- Is it more important arrow or the mace?

Definitely the arrow . Although the club is also important, the arrow is what most influences the game. Try to be laminated and is low deflection (that is, to apply effects to white this minimum deviates). If you’re considering a change of taco, it is highly recommended that you invest the budget in a good arrow and spend less on the hub (or even keep the ones you have). I, for example, still maintain the mace Bear for 8 years and have been changing arrow: I changed that comes standard with a 314-3 .

Here you have the best arrows in the market.

8- I also need a taquera ?

Of course! The taco should always be protected. There are many options and the first decision to make is the rigidity: Taquera hard or soft taquera? I recommend you opt for the first, since you you make sure that the cue will not get any hits. The second important thing is the space available on it: there Cue 1 × 1 (fits mace and arrow), 1 × 2 (fits mace and two arrows), 2 × 4 (there are two maces and four arrows), etc. . I use this Pechauer.

In summary…

For starters:

– looking for a basic taco for about 100 euros

– That the diameter of the sole is high (between 12 and 13 mm)

– it will be easier to start with medium or hard soled

For those who already have long playing

– Invest the money in a good arrow: those of Predator or Mezz are good choices.

– Make sure the thread of the hub is compatible with the new arrow. Each brand has its usual taco thread and should be taken into account when updating the material.

– A large taco requires great protection, so grab one taquera that will match .

And even the guide here to buy a pool cue. I hope you have served to clarify your doubts and now you’re ready to choose your new gun game.

Any more doubts? Write them in the comments?

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