Best Molinari pool glove

Molinari Pool Glove Review

Molinari pool glove

Fits on: Left Hand

Available sizes: S; Regularly

Available Colors: Black; Blue Dark blue; red bright blue; yellow

Additional Features: Grip Pad; Double Slam Mesh

Die-hard pool players who are also fashionistas will be delighted with the numerous color choices available for the Molinari Billiard Glove to complement their individual style. The left hand version comes in 6 different colors. Royal blue, cyan, yellow, dark blue, black and red.

You can get it in a petite size for smaller players or in a regular size that fits most people.

It features an open-toe design with exposed tips, a well-ventilated mesh material that prevents sweat from pooling, and a gripping pad that cushions your bridge hand while taking shots. Keeps stable. The mesh is secured with double stitches to prevent the seams from unraveling. It mostly achieves this, although there have still been reported cases of torn seams and flaring fingertips.

Molinari Pool Glove Review
Best Molinari Pool Glove 5

Otherwise, this billiard glove fits snugly, features a smooth surface for easy gliding of the cue stick, and the grip pad and construction material keep your hand dry and stable. The regular size accommodates players of different sizes, and it comes in several colors for right-handed players.

What makes it special?

 We love the array of colors, the padded grip, the adjustable band, and the ease of putting it on or taking it off. It is also reasonably priced.

What losses did we get?

Molinari Pool Glove Review
Best Molinari Pool Glove 6

 The sizes available won’t fit players with larger hands, and there are several instances of seam rips. Also, this pool glove does not have a right-hand orientation version.

Molinari Fingerless Glove v2

Molinari gloves run slightly smaller than Hunter and Barracuda gloves

The new and improved Molinari gloves feature improved stitching for increased durability and a non-slip grip on the palm. One-size-fits-all breathable stretch material prevents transpiration build-up and provides exceptional durability. This glove provides an excellent fit and feel.

The new glove is available in the following exciting colors:



Aqua blue


Dark blue



These new Molinari gloves are boosting the billiard glove market. Featuring all new technology with double stitched mesh and hand pads. The variety of these gloves is huge, so anyone can find a Molinari glove that they love! There is a Velcro size strap on the wrist if you need additional adjusting. These fingerless, lightweight gloves are destined to help you with your strokes.

Other colors include: black, yellow, royal blue, dark blue and red.

Note: The ‘regular’ size of this glove fits like a medium glove, and may be too small for larger hands. Where the hand is measured from side to side of the palm, just below the fingers, larger hands will fit between 3 1/8″ to 3 1/2″. The ‘small’ size is for very small hands, measuring less than 3 1/8.

Sizes include: regular (one size fits most right or left bridge hands) or small (left bridge hands only)


Sizes: Regular (fits one size larger), and petite

Color: Cyan

Molinari Black Billiard Gloves


Molinari gloves are here! This black glove comes in two sizes (regular and short) and both pull hands (left and right). Made with double-stitched mesh and handpads, this glove is sure to give you the perfect stroke every time. Don’t forget to check out the other Molinari glove colors as well. Other colors include: black, cyan, dark blue, red, royal blue and yellow.

Note: The ‘regular’ size of this glove fits like a medium glove, and may be too small for larger hands. Where the hand is measured from side to side of the palm, just below the fingers, larger hands will fit between 3 1/8″ to 3 1/2″. The ‘small’ size is for very small hands, measuring less than 3 1/8.


Sizes: Regular (fits one size larger), and petite

Color: Black

Brand: Molinari

Size: Small

Fit: Left hand


Molinari pool gloves offer a great grip to the left hand while playing. An adjustable strap helps keep the glove in position. The pad used in it stabilizes the hand.


Gloves absorb all the moisture and sweat caused by the palms. So, players use it during their game to have better friction.


Usually a pool player has no problem wearing it. The padding is also soft, and never hurts the player. The glove straps are adjustable. Apply it on dry hands.


Soft padding

Great quality

Adjustable strap



There may be size issues.

Available in one color.

What’s new?

The padding on the gloves is beneficial in enjoying better stability and grip during the game. The strap can be adjusted to fit your wrist.

Why should you buy it?

These gloves are comfortable and give you a better grip. Then, what better could you ask for? Fine double stitched. Thus, making it durable.

The Molinari Billiard Glove features meshed material, another popular choice with exceptional breathability that improves air circulation to keep pool players cool and dry. It also feels comfortable next to the skin.

Suede is used for smooth surfaces but is prone to overheating.

These gloves also come in different designs. Some have finger sleeves that are fully closed or open, others only have the tips open, while the majority have a combination of fingerless designs on 2 fingers with the other 3 fingers closed or on the tips. are open. Players using a closed bridge prefer to keep the thumb, index, and middle fingers in place to prevent the cue stick from rubbing against the skin when gliding to the shot. Closed finger sleeves provide better protection against skin abrasions, while exposed fingers or fingertips improve heat dissipation and allow players to get a proper feel of the table.

Molinari – Billiard Gloves – Blue – Left Hand

Blue Molinari billiard gloves, featuring a non-slip heel pad, and elastic Velcro closure. This left-handed pool shooting glove is made of breathable mesh with double stitching and has a universal fit.

Molinari – Billiard Gloves – Blue – Left Hand

  • Breathable mesh, double-stitched construction
  • Non-slip heel pad
  • Elastic-Velcro closure
  • Universal Size – One size fits all.
  • Left-handed billiard glove

Molinari Fingerless Gloves

If you’re looking for a high-quality option, it’s hard to go past Molinari. This product has basically everything you want in a pool glove.

The upper material is nice and smooth, allowing you to improve the consistency of your shot.

Because the fabric delivers the exact same performance every time you shoot, you won’t have to worry about what your glove will do when you hit the cue ball.

Ultimately that’s what you want – a glove that isn’t going to distract you during an important game.

Molinari has also designed the palm surface to be extra sticky, ensuring your hand doesn’t slip when playing powerful shots.

The fingerless design enhances your grip feel, while also allowing more air to circulate through the glove. As a result, V2 does an excellent job in reducing sweat levels.

Plus, this glove is made for right-handed and left-handed players, and sizing is easy – one size fits most, and it even comes with an adjustable wrist strap.

The only downside to this glove is that it isn’t incredibly durable. Considering the price, you can expect it to last a long time. However, if you can afford it, the Molinari Fingerless Glove is definitely worth a try for the comfort and consistency it offers.


Great consistency – after a while you might forget you’re using it.

Great for reducing sweat and stickiness.

One size fits all, fits left or right hand.


  • Not incredibly durable.
  • A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Unglove Fingerwrap Billiard Gloves-Molinari

It’s not really a glove… but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Rather than creating something that covers your backhand, Unglove’s glove is a little finger protector. It’s still a three-finger design, but the glove only covers the middle of the finger to your toes.

If you find that most pool gloves leave your hands sweaty, a finger wrap may be just what you need. The material is almost the same as regular gloves use, so it offers a nice smooth stroke every time.

Because it’s so small, it won’t soak up sweat and won’t need to be washed as often as some larger gloves.

At this point, you might be thinking that this glove is only suitable for players who use a closed bridge (where your finger wraps around the cue) all the time.

However, the finger wrap also works for open bridge shots (at least for most players – if you have a really big bridge hand, you won’t have enough material to cover the required space on your fingers). can cover the extent).

This glove is also quite durable for the price.

You can get it in black, or other styles like red, blue and green. One size fits most, and the finger wrap can be used by both left- and right-handed shooters.


  • Comfortable – No more sweaty hands inside your gloves.
  • Great performance – Cue slides continuously.
  • Good stability.
  • Reasonable price.

Factors to look for when choosing the best pool gloves-Molinari pool glove

Molinari Pool Glove Review
Best Molinari Pool Glove 7

Glove Thickness – The best pool gloves will have the right thickness. The thickness of the glove may seem silly, but it’s a huge deal that can increase your chances of winning. Gamers usually wear it to reduce friction between the cue stick and the palm of the hand. The more accurate the thickness, the more likely the direct pool is.

Length – Generally, the length of a pool-playing glove is between the fingers and the wrist. So, check that the fitting is exactly that length, and not too short or too long. The fit gloves did not come off easily while playing.

Heat Aging Degradation – The best pool gloves have a heat aging degradation process. This system helps the player maintain a grip between his hand and the cue stick.

Sweat and Moisture Absorption – The best pool cue gloves have sweat and moisture absorption systems in the palms. Many players sweat a lot and slipping the cue stick is a common mistake they make. So, you need to wear pool gloves to avoid such mistakes.

Quality of Materials – Before wearing your pool cue gloves, check the quality of the materials used in their manufacture. The widely used materials for the manufacture of pool gloves are spandex and lycra. This will help you get a great grip.

Wrap it up

The Molinari Billiard Glove is our top pick for the best billiard gloves. Fingerless pool gloves for left hands come in petite and standard sizes in 6 optional colors. It’s breathable, within a reasonable budget, and equipped with a gripping pad and an adjustable wrist strap for a snug fit.

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