7 cheap billiard cues that will not disappoint you

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The pool players beginners often have questions about what pool cuemay be the one that suits you and suits your style of play.

As also happens in other sports when you’re starting, it’s natural to choose material that is economical and help in our case, inicarnos in the pool.

With the idea to wear it a little easier we have put together this list with seven billiard cues cheap for your pocket “not tremble”: 

1- Dufferin D221 . Dufferin is an American brand with excellent quality / price ratio. It is the best you can get pool cues for less than 80 euros. Made with Canadian Maple wood and Elk sole master, has a very strong arrow will fancy for beginning players. Surely a wise move if you’re starting in the world of pool. RRP sale: 52,25 euros.

Players HC 2- Energy by 04 . Brand with good poster between economic billiard cues. With a line of flashy graphics that combines black, white and brown, has a dual pressure system that makes it easier to slide. They are made with genuine Irish linen dresses. RRP sale: 97.90 euros.

3- Fury FCR-2 black. Another excellent brand cheap taco pool. Made of maple wood, it has sole 13 mm and is threaded 5/16 x 18. Does the Fury logo laser engraved on the metal part of the hub. RRP sale: 93,50 euros.

4- Fury FA-1 Natural . Taco with a simple, yet attractive. Among the main features of this brand tacos we could highlight the attention and care with which they are made. If you are thinking of buying onemiss among your favorites. RRP sale: 82,50 euros.

5- Cuetec 13 mm. Specializing in economic taco brand. This modelavailable in blue, red and brown colors. If what you’re looking for a simple and guarantees taco this is yours. RRP sale: 73.70 euros.

6- Taco Valhalla VAL-106.  American brand leader in selling cheap tacos. They are of the same house as the Viking . Utilzan the latest technologies at their disposal to make articles like this cumpen its mission perfectly. RRP sale: 75,90 euros.

7- Classic Delta CLD-01.  Cheaper than what you can find on the market. Inferior in quality to the rest of the blocks, it is the most accessible for anyone who wants to try in the world of pool to see if you truly hooked ?RRP sale: 38,50 euros.

And you, what cheap taco pool recommend to a novice player?


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