7 characters from the pool world you should know

7 characters from the pool world you should know

The world of professional pool is full of characters of all kinds. Players and players are, of course, the most familiar faces, but there are other profiles of people linked to the pool that also deserve our attention. Newscasters, referees, photographers, fans or even cuemakers color to the events of Pool or Snooker . In this week ‘s article we highlight seven characters who love this sport and whose work contributes to spread the pool.

World Snooker Characters

By David Muñoz

1- Rob Walker (speaker)

A showman in the making since 2007 encouraged most prestigious tournaments snooker. It is the official World Snooker Championship speaker who presents players before they go to the arena and who awarded them the funniest motes. In addition to host sporting events, Walker is a great athlete: has completed five marathons and now nothing long distances.  

2- Ron Florax (cuetracker)

Without leaving the snooker, we passed the official speaker to documentary filmmaker par excellence. Ron Florax is responsible for a massive database that collects information Snooker players, tournaments and results: cuetracker.net . This platform is basically the history of snooker in figures, as there are data from 1908 to today.

3- Jean Philippe Parmentier (photographer)

JP Parmentier is the official photographer of the most important tournaments World Pool as the World Cup of Pool, the World Pool Masters or the Mosconi Cup. This French billiard lover captures unique moments billiard for more than a decade. You can see spectacular photos on Facebook and read their story in The Billartist .

4- Michaela Tab (ref)

Michaela is the most famous professional circuit referee’s Snooker, although not exercised since March this year when he decided to leave because of disagreements with World Snooker. In addition to arbitrate, the Scottish biologist and sociologist has also been Pool player many years, so he knows the game perfectly.   

5- Jim Wych (commentator)

If you’ve seen tournaments Pool Sky Sports retransmitting sure that you recognize his voice instantly. Says Jim Wych Pool and Snooker games over two decades. He was also professional and good billiard player. He beat Stephen Hendry in the British Open and his highest break in competition is 138. Training has made several 147.

6- John Parris (cue maker)

Having a Parris has become the dream of many billiard players of snooker. That is thanks to the good work of this man, John Parris , which manufactures handmade tacos with the finest woods and elegant designs. It is incredible to see the entire manufacturing process, from choosing the square block of ash until it ends in the hands of Ronnie.   

7- Willie Mosconi (master)

And we close this compilation of great characters from the world of pool with one that will always remain in the memory: Willie Mosconi. “Mr. Pocket Billiards “was a professional pool player between 20 and 60 and one of the great promoters of billiards in the United States. After a long career previous billiards, died in 1993 and the following year the tournament each season pays tribute was created: the Mosconi Cup.

Write in the comments what other people in the world snooker think deserve another post highlighting their work.

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