50 cheap excuses for billiards

50 cheap excuses for billiards

When we fail a ball or lose a game, it is easiest to blame oneself an alien factor. Instead of being honest and admit that one has erred was us, often the billiard players throw more or less realistic alibis: that if the table that if the cloth , that if the taco that if the rival …

In today’s article we summarize the 50 cheap excuses most often used to justify the defeat in the world of pool. Admit it: you also have employed ever?

8 Ball Pool

Image Seluel (CC BY-NC 2.0)

By David Muñoz

1. Is the mat runs too (little)

2. is that I’ve been covered when already had made

3. Is that the opposite has been very lucky and I do not

4. Is someone has gone ahead when flushed and has misled me

5. Is the embrasure spits balls

6. Is that white has made me a kick

7. If the table falls loose strips

8. I have made a blunder at the worst time

9. I have not entered kick ball

10. It is that I have entered the White remove

11. I just brand new taco and not domino

12. bands do not match

13. It is that bands no effects cojen

14. Is the pool looked like a pinball

15. I left yesterday party

16. I’m not used to playing in the morning

17. It is the opposite plays very slow

18. It does not motivate me to play against weaker opponents

19. I have been won to go for losers

20. I do not have time to train

21. I’ve done a lot of ties

22. It is a Retruc put me carambola

23. I remembered not putting chalk

24. It is that the opponent has left you all and my nothing

25. you entered kick me two nines

26. It hurts me (something)

27. I’ve relaxed when winning 6-1

28. I’ve gone from the game

29. It is that the opponent has played dirty

30. It is that the opponent has not sung a clear lack

31. I’ve gotten the jump ball but White has left the table

32. I am expert and enter them all fail the last

33. I have made a Snooker inadvertently

34. Is this table (Snooker) has very small portholes

35. I have touched a ball arm

36. It has done me three straight tacadas

37. I could not play my game

38. Had not eaten

39. I had jet lag

40. Is the public only encouraged other

41. Is the noise in the room decentralizes me

42. I had shrunken arm

43. It is the couple train leaves me everything I want

44. I do not think defenses

45. I have touched all hard bones

46. ​​I would win although not classified

47. It is that the opponent does not feel when I throw

48. I’ve lost punteo

49. I’m just not used to competing

50. I just parenting

Losers make excuses, winners seek solutions. You know, if you fail or lose, be honest and do not justify your defeat any of these 50 cheap alibis . So you demonstrate your sportsmanship on and off the table.

By the way, what do you think of them less credible and more surreal?

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