The billiard records

The billiard records

You probably remember mythical Records as the fastest 147 Ronnie or tacada 28 caroms followed by Caudron, but the truth is that many other snooker records go unnoticed. So I decided to take a stroll through the Guiness and collect them in this article so that we realize the feats achieved by some billiard players . And why not, if you ever want to try to beat them.

Snooker Records

By David Muñoz

Marathon Pool

From 6 to 10 December 2013 David Miles, Shawn Terrell, Keith and Drew Pulley Rieck broke the record of more time playing restlessly Pool 100 hours non-stop at the Corner Pocket West.

The tournament with more participation

The American Poolplayers Association (APA) won the August 28, 2010 gathering 5,361 players in a single competition. It was in the APA National Team Championships (8 Ball) held in Las Vegas from 19 to 28 August.

The 147 fastest

World Championship in 1997 a young Ronnie O’Sullivan showed that he is from another planet. “The Rocket” Maximum Break completed the fastest in history: 5 minutes and 20 seconds. A brand of scandal that could only beat himself.

Pool player older

Wesley Walker had 99 years when the January 1, 2001 he competed in the Valley National Eight-ball Association league in Oklahoma. I now wish I still enjoy the pool at that age. My friend Eduard Poquet is on track to achieve this , although still lacking.

The faster Speed ​​Pool

How far are you able to get all balls Pool table? Certainly not as fast as Dave Pearson, who in 2002 got clean two tables in just 1 minute and 22 seconds.

Most bands in 3 tacada

28 caroms in a row is the maximum for a player 3-band. They have done up to four players, the latest Frederic Caudron Belgian in 2013. Will there be someone able to do 29 or more in a row?

The highest average in three bands

Torbjorn Blomdahl in 2013 achieved the highest average in a game 40 caroms: the got in just 14 innings. An absolutely incredible mark.  

The record holding a taco with a finger

And we close this compilation billiard one that, unlike the previous ones , not a player holds records. Ashrita Furman , which is known for its numerous records Guinness, held 4 hours and 7 minutes a block of 500 grams with the index finger. I’ve tried it and came just 10 seconds, so try to beat other first?

Write in the comments which of these records seems more amazing and many hours at’ve played billiards.

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