10 accessories that every billiard player should carry in his taquera

10 billiard accessories That every player Should carry in His taquera

A wad and chalk. It is all that we need to get balls and win games. But however most carry in the taquera an array of additional accessories such as spare parts soles, cleaners arrows or templates. There are more minimalist and other billiard players who carry a genuine survival kit. In this week ‘s article we highlight the 10 most useful accessories (although not strictly necessary) to take on the taquera and use them at any time.

Predator Billiard Glove

By David Muñoz      

1- Tizas

Bring at least one alternate chalk when the holder fails. You may be fall and break or it may disappear (because someone else billiardist falls for her). It Chalks Sometimes change can also be a good strategy to break a negative dynamic game.

2- Templates

The era of the triangle or the Wingrack has passed. We now live in the template. So you must take at least one for each type of Pool. Put it well because they bend very easily and then lose their charm.

3- bridge or extension

You always remain balls where it is impossible to reach, even if you’re as tall as Ruslan Chinakhov. So you should take a good bat or an extension that fits your brand taco.

4- A good towel

It is a simple accessory, but necessary. To dry your hands, to clean the arrow or just to catch your ritual concentration. The towel is always a good friend of billiard player, so choose one you like and be comfortable and, why not personalize it with your name.

5- bag talc

Carries a whole pot talc in taquera is cumbersome and take small can be dangerous if opened. Perhaps it is a good choice this simple bag of powder with which soften your hands and arrow.

6- Tool Summa soling

With time and beatings soles tend to open. With a small tool like this you can review the soleplate from time to time and always keep it looking new.  

7- Suelas parts

Obviously, you will not last a lifetime. It will jump, break or simply wear out so much use. You should take some sole parts (here’s an analysis of different brands) for when you need it . Ideally , take the same model outsole you’re playing not to notice big differences.

8- Jolly Cue

This is an ideal way to put a new sole without dying in the attempt tool. In addition to the Jolly Cue, you will also have instant glue and a little sandpaper.

9- Cleaner Cue Doctor

The day I wrote about the 10 hobbies of billiard players forgot one: clean the arrow and cap with a rag before storing to avoid discolor or take the blue tone that so infuriates. Cue Doctor using liquid every so often will keep your arrow unpolluted.

10- A good glove

I am not in favor of using glove to play, but there will be some rooms where, by moisture or cold, playing without it is practically impossible. That’s why it never hurts to take a good glove like the Predator in taquera.

In this post we talked strictly secondary accessories. Therefore in the top 10 we do not include the essential material billiardist: the main plug, the removing and jumping. 

Write to us in the comments what accessories carry in your taquera and what seems more essential.

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