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“I would like to introduce myself better. My name is Daniel Fonseca, born in Lisbon, I have 18 and am a fan of the pool. Ball game modalities 8,9 and 10, but my favorite is undoubtedly 9 Ball “. It is said, better to present it than we do ourselves. This is the interview we had with him?

Interview With Daniel Fonseca

Does it come your love for billiards Since when?

About a year ago. And I used to play in cafes and bars, but a year ago I started doing it in a more competitive way.

What you most passionate about this sport?

I love everything that surrounds the world of billiards. I think it’s a very simple sport, which only compounded by the very nature of human beings. I also like the fact that you have to be a good physical level to compete well.

What are the ways you practice?

I’ve always played Bola 8, but now I’m practicing more Ball 9 and 10 (from about 3 months ago). If I had to decantarme one, I’d 9 Ball.

With marking taco you usually play? Would you would you change to another?

I currently play with a wad of Mezz soled brand and Kamui, and I’m pretty satisfied. I also use a glove Longoni Predator brand and chalks. At the moment I am satisfied with the material I have, and do not feel the need to switch to other brands.

How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

Play every day and I train about 24 hours a week. Having more time on weekends is when I train. I think I could train a lot longer, but I think that two hours is enough. If you train a long time, instead of learning you can unlearn, because the body gets tired and does not perform the same.

 What club you play normally? Do you think it is well conditioned to play pool?

Currently I do not train in any club or play in any team, but I see perfectly prepared to play in an amateur team of good level.

What do you think they should do billiard clubs to attract more players?

I just talking about Portugal, I think the main problem is the lack of training and schools to train players. Portugal has great playrooms and numerous cafes with tables, but the big problem is the lack of trained trainers pool. If there was a greater interest in training young players, surely we would be much more competitive and attract top players appear to others.

What was your best game or tournament?

My best game was undoubtedly the first of a tournament in which I fought against a player who for me was a “monster” at that time, because I knew I had gone to Las Vegas to play the VNEA. As I was very “green” in the world of pool I thought I had no chance of winning.

We started the game and got ahead 3-0. In the fourth game I made the fatal mistake of leaving ball in hand that my opponent pulled one back to 3-1 and never stopped. I was very inexperienced as I started to get very nervous, which took advantage of my opponent to finish winning by 5 to 3.

At the end of the game, my opponent said he had a gift for the pool, that if he trained harder could become a great player. And that’s how I started my journey in the pool. Since then I have always received positive feedback you have given me strength to continue playing.

Have you always had confidence in your game, or on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

I’ve always had confidence in my type of game and my limits. I think there have been times when I had doubts in a particular situation, but I’ve always had confidence in myself and I think that is the key to success in the pool. Every ball, every situation, you should always be aware of what we do, we focused and confident above all. Nor should we rely so much on luck. The fate appears when you play well!

Have you had the opportunity to compete outside Portugal?

Unfortunately not. I would be very happy to do it someday, and I’m sure my chance will come.

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

There are many players so I have a predilection to see playing. I continue to Efren, Shane Van Boening, Earl Strickland, Ronnie Alcano, Tony Drago, Appleton and others. But the player who certainly fascinates me and inspires me to play and improve my game is Shane Van Boening. I think that is a player that I would look like in terms of playing style, simplicity and humility.

Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

I’ve had many funny and not so funny anecdotes. One that I keep to remember was in a game with my older brother. Now it’s funny, but at the time … off the table we have a good relationship, but what is competing things change. The tension was high and quite “pique”, even sometime provocation … things happen. After playing we laugh about what happened, and at home everything returned to normal.

He’s my brother and be my eternal rival in a table. I think it will always be so. J

How do you see the health of the sport in Portugal now?

Portugal has innovated tournaments. Not bad, but they could do so much more. Unfortunately the Portuguese government supports very little sport .. I say this because I know that if the player Henrique Correia has gone to the European Championship Amateur 9-Ball, just because obtained the sponsorship of Liga Portuguesa de Pool, not because the State support for represent our country. He himself said he would not more European tournaments because state sponsorship does not provide sufficient funds to play.

What would you say to young people to be encouraged to practice?

To encourage them, just tell them say they never surrender nor desist from the pool, whether if what you like is to practice as a hobby or as a way of life (although it is very difficult in Portugal). Like anything else in life, you always have to practice and persist in the game, and never surrender.


Daniel thank you very much for the time dedicated to us for this interview ?


“My name is Daniel Fonseca, I have 18years hair and fan I am pool. Game Ball 8.9 and 10 but it is my preference without doubt ball 9. I was born in Lisbon, and In this part time I am from the south Portugal (Lisbon just below, Dita Margem Sul) “. It is said, is to present it better than we ourselves. This is the one with him interview we had?

Interview With Daniel Fonseca

How long have you got amateur billiards?

I have about 1 year. Already in new pool I played from cafes and bars, but only 1 year, and that began to play a more competitive mode.

What is most passionate about that you are this sport?

Or that fascinates me modality in this is simply to modalide itself. I find a very simple sport, more human mind by its very nature complicating it. In addition to wrapping large a level physics, it is extremely fun.

What are the modalities Do you practice?

I’ve always practiced 8, now I’m more demanding more and 10 9 ball (about 3 months), being 9 ball more mode that fascinates me.

Suggestions brand that plays do you? Would you move to another?

In this team, I’m mezz to be served by (taco) and kamui (single) to which I’m satisfied enough. Using also GIZ and longoni predator glove. In this satisfied team I am with material. I have no feel so moved to another need.

How many times do you play every week? Do you think this is enough for me to improve your game?

Play around 2hrs per day giving full 24hour a week. I add more hours to end years of weeks to have more time. I could train thought a lot more time, but this is 2h per day and sufficient, because I am apologist that when we play too long, do not learn anything, just unlearn, or body is tired and no longer Supports.

Which club do you normally play? Do you think it is conditioned to play well snooker?

In this I am not in any currently equipped, more I feel perfectly Numa prepared to play a good equipped Amadora levels.

Or should you think clubs that pool attract more players?

I just speak Portugal, thought that problem or the lack of training even or able to cash schools to form players is. Portugal’s huge Game Rooms have and cafes with many pool tables. The same big problem and lack of “professors” pool. There would be a greater interest in the training of young players as there would be a lot of certainty that would go over and certainly players of great quality competitiveness would appear, so to attract more players.

What was your game or best tournament?

My best game was undoubtedly The first game for a tournament that I played against a player that I was a “monster” in height, because I knew he had already gone to Las Vegas by VNEA or fascinated me pretty. As it was very “blue whale” still world do not pool, I thought that would ever have hypotheses of winning. I was able to win the “lag” of the white ball. The good opening to which it was a game I had completely easy and managed to finish very easily. It was made or 1-0. As was the game, and I was able to win 3-0. In the 4th game, I made a fatal ball ball mistake in the opponent’s hand, where after having made or 3-1, never stopped again.As was getting very inexperienced I started to Super nervous, yet more, I played week desist, losing more I ended up 5-3. Do not end game, mine came to talk to me adversary to say that had Jeito for or pool, which Devia and more could only come to train be great and was a player from there I then started my course in the pool. From there I was positive feedback always giving me the more strength to continue this plays mode.

Have you always had in your game or trust, contrary hair, did you come to doubt moments?

Always in my game trust I had, in my game type and we my limits. I believe that there have been moments where there was some doubt in one, more own always in me confidence I had and I think that is the key to success pool or not. Every ball, every situation, we must always be aware that we do, concentrates and above all relying. We should also not in luck trust, luck appears when we play well!

Have you ever had to compete outside Portugal?

Not unhappily. I really liked this opportunity to have a day. But I thought that one of these days I will have that opportunity.

Which are you the player that to tempt to improve Look at your game?

There are lots of players to whom we have preference to see plays. I speak for myself, I have hair preference Efren, Shane Van Boening, Earl Strickland, Ronnie Alcano, Tony Drago, Appleton among others. But the player no doubt that fascinates me and inspires me to play and eye for better play is my no doubt or Shane Van Boening. A considered golfer whose style of play to me is both a person and a level, is a simple and humble person.

Tell us a story that happened to play pool

I’ve had lots of funny and other funny EPISODES. The game has not tweeted any time, rather than river me now with it was the game against my elder brother particularly tournament num. We have an Out of Good Relationship mode, but we always walk to the “Turras” (typical brothers). Game inside, it was very funny because each shot failed that was always one to another insult, that is, even very much to weigh a serious and we were always one to the other to cause we were. Considering my my eternal rival brother or sister in the pool, which will be so always think, always with one a discuss another, one even during play, more after which we play, we RIMOS with or one had happened. Even the two of us to train house, we chat to us, is already usual.

Do you see Portugal in Sport Health now?

Portugal innovated with Tournaments has. Not too bad, but this mode could be much more lived. Unhappily or very little support. This say that the player Henrique Correia knew had gone to have European ball 9 championship amateurs and was just because it got or sponsorship of the Portuguese League of Pool, or state that did not support even the player to represent our nation. He said he will not just own that the more European Tournaments because or sponsored by the Portuguese and do not fund him or enough to go plays.

Or they would say you were young years that incentivized to practice?

To encourage, just say to never do give up pool even if it was that they would like to do or life as hobbie (although very difficult in Portugal). ALIAS the other thing any, we must always practice and persist in what we want to do in our life and never give up.


Thank you so much you Daniel hair Gaston for this interview ?

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