What soles do I put on my pool cue?

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What do I soles put on my pool cue?

They are so small that sometimes do not pay attention. They spend months without the change without hardly worrying about them, but they are essential. The modern pool is not understood without the sole a component billarístico two centuries of history.

Was Captain François Mingaud who discovered in 1807 that this small piece of leather placed on the cue tip could be made new beats and many blunders were avoided. Since then the market has evolved techniques and materials to offer now a huge variety of soles , almost a hundred of them. Let ‘s see what we should keep in mind when choosing them .

By David Muñoz

Pool all the soles have a diameter of between 10 and 14 mm , the latter being the most common measure. The prices range from a few cents for a basic soled to 20 euros per unit for the Predator Victory , the Kamui Clear Black or Moori , among others. What makes them more expensive? They are laminated soles, better withstand shocks and offer the player many possibilities when applying effects.

The other great feature of the soles to consider is their hardness . They can be soft, intermediate and hard, and based on that feeling when pulling changes. Generally soft soles , like Elk Master , Tiger or Kamui Negra , better retain chalk absorb the impact more and allow greater control over the effects of the white, yet deform faster and require more maintenance. Hard , like Moori hard or Kamui Black hard, however, resist any longer the beatings and do not require replacement as often, but absorb less impact and are therefore more prone to gaffes when you play with effects.  

Why today the best soles are laminated ? The piece of leather has multiple layers (laminae), one above the other, the sole makes much more consistent and uniform, which means that lasts longer and deforms less.

Until a few months ago he was playing with a basic arrow Bear without laminated soleta. Skip to use a Predator 314 2 laminate has been a radical change and now I am very satisfied with the sole that comes default on the arrow Predator, the Tiger Everest of 14 mm , a laminated sole very durable medium hardness.

They tell billiard brands should change the soles every six months or so, but we usually do. We keep playing with it because it has not been spent and gives us the feeling that it still works well, however after a while loses all its qualities. We should be more cautious with the sole, because it is not any one component: Where is transmitted, with the help of chalk, taco energy towards the white.

By the way, my birthday half a year in August. We will have to find a replacement soon?

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