Tell me how you put chalk and I’ll tell you what billiard player you are

Tell me how you put chalk and I’ll tell you what you are billiard player

Just as there are a thousand ways to iron out , in out , jumping or throwing, there are a thousand ways to put chalk . Each has its own ritual billiardist his way to paint the sole of blue, red or color it before hitting the white. Some do not pay too much attention to that moment of the game, but for others (server) the chalk moment is sacred. Here are some ways to put chalk sure you’ve seen in the championships.

Billiard Player

By David Muñoz

Normally who is skilled to pull it is also to put chalk. This is my case. But I have also seen that being right – handed billiard players use the left foot to put chalk and vice versa. Judd Trump , for example, is left – handed but puts chalk with her right hand. What is not so common, but I’ve seen more than once, it is putting chalk with both hands. That is, the billiard player starts with one hand cue is changed, continues with the other, and then down the shot. In the case of Alex Pagulayan . Curious.

Putting chalk is often a ritual of concentration for billiardist. It’s what makes the play while thinking almost automatically. Also a way to get rid of negative thinking that has arisen him when he was about to throw: you get up, put chalk and back down again. And this ritual can be extended much or can be very fast. There are those who simply pass the chalk once or twice by soleta, while others are recreated as if they were painting a picture. Spending chalks seconds after year is considerable.

Gentleness or abruptness. Here too there is an important difference. Snooker players are generally more deliberate and more delicate when putting chalk. You’ve seen more than one that does with care and smoothly, and even the sole look closely throughout the process. Ronnie so long ago after failing. I guess you will have to do with the smallest diameter of the tip (and therefore more delicate than other arrows). In Pool, however, it is very common that the player never look the sole while putting chalk and do it in a more “gross”. Look at Mike Dechaine and you’ll know what I mean.

Another aspect of ritual chalk is what we do with it after use. In the table, in the pocket, in the magnetised chalk holders? As well as snooker billiard players often keep it in the pocket of his suit, the Pool Carambola or even leave it on the side table when shooting. After failing, it is common that collect and take her to her seat himself. If not competition, it is often left on the table.

Putting chalk to me is very important. It is part of the ritual of preparing the billiardist. If I did not put chalk, sometimes I do not feel comfortable. I do not think it necessary to put before each shot (if they are chained and easy execution), but before the key moments of the game. As a matter of concentration and confidence, and above all, not pifiarla!

And you, have you ever stopped to think how to put chalk, for how long and where you leave when you fail? Leave your comments ritual.

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