13 fears that every billiard player has ever suffered

13 That every billiard player fears have ever Suffered

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. That is the ultimate rule of Murphy’s Law, and we saw that also affects us billiard players . Today’s post is closely related to it because talk about negativity, worries and sufferings. So, fears. Fears of billiard players . Without further ado, I leave you with the blacklist of our 13 (the number is no coincidence) fears that you may see that you’re not the only one who suffers?

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Ronnie O'Sullivan

By David Muñoz

1- A lose. This is the most screwed up of all fear, because no one wants to feel defeated. It is also the fear that most helps you to be a great billiard player .

2- A win. But can it be that we are afraid to win ?! Yes, because winning has a number of side effects are not so pretty: for example, if you win once you require always win.  

3- A fail (black). Another very typical billiardist fear is to fail a ball. And more if it ‘s the last (eight nine or ten), or an easy ball straight to a foot type.

4- ridicule. And it can be a thousand ways because you ride a scene in the game, because you’re not able to get a ball or because you do miscue in every attempt to retreat.

5- A not meet expectations. Ours and the environment. That is, not to get what we thought we were going to get or what others told us that we should achieve.

6- A play against a professional (and not show what you know). Because you’re more aware of your talent show than anything else.

7- Not to show that you can play well. That is, you lose the opportunity to get your game when you need it.

8- A fail when you take 3 consecutive series. Your mind is very bloody and when you do things right, she takes care to remind you not neglect that could go wrong. That is the reason why many times after 2, 3 series, faults (if you are not well prepared mentally to override that negative thinking).

9- A does not know withstand the pressure. Because you tremble like a chicken and you’re more nervous than your wedding day. Quiet man, the pool is a game!

10- A defraud your fellow billiard players . Because you did not play well that day.

11- To make the package in front of your girlfriend / friends. When you come to see a championship this fear is triggered eh! Oh, now you can not fail because they are looking …

12- A team lose your your fault. Quiet, if we lose, we lose tod @ s.

13- what people will say if I lose. And finally the typical fear suffered by all those who think more about others than themselves. They say a thousand things, yes. But useful for your progress, few or none. So you do your thing.

The solution to all these fears is called “Trust yourself” and “accept failures”. Confident because you’re bigger than you think. And accept failures because without them there is no progress. You need them. And quiet, because we all suffer these fears 13 (and many more). The difference is in who knows manage, and who is not.

Are you more afraid of billiard players happen? Write them in the comments to keep doing therapy?


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