The club of the superstitious billiards

The club of the Superstitious billiards

Need putting chalk or yes before each shot? Do you wake up suddenly if you see it not clear? ¿Calientas always throwing the same balls? Do you have a talisman pole for major championships? If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then Welcome to the club superstitious billiard players . Today, they (we) are the protagonists of this post.

Billarista Supersticioso

 By David Muñoz

“Fe or excessive overvaluation about something” SAR defines the concept superstition. It exists in all areas of life such as work, family, personal relationships or leisure, but here we are only interested superstition applied billiards.

Why are superstitious, the billiard players ? The main reason is to gain confidence. We believe in small actions that help us to be more confident in our game. For example: we believe that putting chalk before each shot helps us (although not strictly necessary to put balls), we believe that if someone goes ahead and we got no shot, we will fail, so we got up; or we believe that if I have noted longer account, then fail you , so I have to lift too.

Superstition and negative thoughts are closely linked. I think we are more maniacs who have a brain pillín willing to send negative thoughts every now and then . Superstition is somehow a way to overcome them .

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Superstitions by putting chalk

There are many billiard players , even professionals, who self-force putting chalk with both hands before the shot. A first, then the cleat arm is changed, and then with the other. Rather curious.

Superstitions by pointing

Most maniacs we have a specific number of smoothed established as routine. Is usually enough machine, do not walk on every shot count. Yet if we find that the number of smoothed grows (by doubts or because something misleads us) then we raise us to think again about the play.

Superstitions pregame

Breakfast the same or sports championship in each morning, dress fetish talismanic polo, take some nuts in taquera … All these details are also typical in pre-game superstitious billiard players.

Superstitions failing a ball

Some billiard players close their eyes and visualize the reasons why they failed, or imagine that the balls are “their friends” to play the matter. Some even speak with them (imaginatively, of course)?

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To be superstitious is good or bad? It has advantages and disadvantages, everyone chooses what part weighs more. I think it is good, as long as it does not become an excessive obsession. It ‘s good to have certain routines, internal processes or activarte help you perform at your best .

And you, do you consider yourself a superstitious billiard player? Tell us about it in the comments! Better not say that before every shot you take a sip of beer so that everything goes well?

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