5 apps that every billiard player should have

5 Apps That Should Have every billiard player

Next to the taco and chalk, the smartphone can become the best ally of a billiard player. Especially in your workout routine. The vast majority of mobile applications on pool available on App Store or Google Play are games, but there are also apps designed to perfect the technique and improve the game. Here are five good examples.


5 Apps For Pool Players


By David Muñoz

1- Billiard Aiming Calculator

Simulator very simple and yet very useful paths. In a pool table seen from a zenith plane, you can move the white, goal ball and tronera target your will. The app tells you how many degrees is the shot where I should hit the white to enter the object ball will move and where white after impact (tangent). There is a version of pay and other free for iPhone and Android.

2- Check Billiard

An application based training system Playing Ability Test (PAT) developed by Ralph Eckert. It offers exercises (drills), tests and videos to perfect the game of Pool. Depending on your progress you earn points you located in a ranking of players Checkbilliard. The app, available for iPhone and Android , is free but to access all tests and training (200 hours of material) must pay a monthly subscription of 9’90 euros.     

3- Cue Mesure

Useful in any form pool, its function is to determine whether the way you throw is correct or should be improved. To take advantage of you simply hook your iPhone to the plug and play normally. The app, developed by Gerard McManus indicates how you are parallel to the table when throwing and if your wrist or your body moves during shooting. Cue Mesure records the shots you do then show you statistics on them. Available for iPhone for 1.99 euros.  

4- snooker trainer

This app provides exercises and routines to perfect the Snooker. Lots of variety of workouts that allow you to improve all types of shots and situations that will help you gain confidence to the complicated table 12 feet. Developed by the creator of Cue Mesure only for iPhone, the app is free but to unlock all the exercises you have to pay 1.99 euros.

5- Ubersense coach

He thought for all kinds of precision sports such as golf or baseball, it is also useful for billiards. This free app for iPhone and Android allows you to record video while playing to analyze later in slow motion and drawing lines on the screen, the uprightness of your attack and movements you do when strips. You can share your videos with the community and see other billiard players .

You know, it ‘s time to install and test these applications to take your game to the next level. If you do not have smartphone, a good choice for Windows is Pool Shot . Do you know any other interesting app? Recomiéndala in the article comments.

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