6 types of cloths that can not be missing from your table

6 types of cloths can not be missing That from your table

How important it is to have a good cloth for a table and the little significance we give you many times. Often, we are asked by the characteristics of a particular cloth and what is the most recommended. Difficult question. The price and the use to which it will give to the table greatly influence the final choice. In the variety is the spice? 

For this reason we thought it appropriate to share with you 6 types of cloths excellent quality of the brand Gorina that may help you get an idea of what you need for your table pool , carom or snooker;

Pool Table   Pool Table

1- Granite M:  Its composition is 90% worsted, 10% polyamide. Weighing 560gr / m in width 190cm. It is the fabric Carom 3 fastest bands on the market and moon the best choices for pool professionals worldwide

2-  Pool Star:   Its composition is 80% worsted, 20% polyamide. It is the most economical choice suitable for both carom to pool. The most commonly used for domestic tables. Weight: 590gr / m 180 cm wide

3- Granite Basalt:  With 85% composition 15% Polyamide worsted. Is the preference of professionals in the pool. Durability and outstanding appearance. Maximum ball control. Ensures long life without limiting the speed or consistency. Weight: 870gr / m in 193cm wide and 730gr / m in width 160cm

G. 4- Tournament 2000:   80% worsted, 20% polyamide. It is faster than the Basalt. It has a flat and very fast surface for maximum action in tacada. Appropriate use in humid environments with good looks, durability and no loose “fuzz”

5- Wentworth:  Cloth 100% woolen spinning. It is the professional choice for the game of snooker. He directional have short hair and stiff. Finished in true English style. Its weight is 960gr / m in width 193cm

6- Liberty Bell:  Its composition is 95% wool Carda 5% Polyamide to give added strength. Similar to Wentworth but with a lighter and faster in the game weight characteristics. Slightly less directional Wentworth hair and a more affordable price. Also suitable for English pool tables 6 and 7 feet. It weighs 840gr / m in width 193cm

We hope you have been able to help with any doubts you may arise for a given decantarte cloth. Now the turn is yours. Why what you decantarías?

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