Learn more about … Esteve Mata

Learn more about … Esteve Mata

Today we have the luxury of interviewing excellent player carom billiards Esteve Mata , who is already part of Poolmania sponsored by the brand and players Longoni . We hope you enjoy the interview?


Does it come your fondness for carom billiards Since when?

My fondness for the pool comes since I was 10 years old. On the occasion of my first communion one of my uncles who played billiards in the club of my people gave me a pool cue. It was at that time when occasionally he would play with my uncle, my father later that Young had been fond pool also took up the theme. At 15 I stopped playing football where he had been playing since age 5 and devoted myself exclusively to the pool

What you most passionate about this sport?

I could say many things I love snooker. One thing is that it is a very difficult sport where great perseverance and dedication is needed, without the two is very difficult to practice well. It is a sport where difficult moments where you have to think very well to get ahead are passed. As in all sports there are ups and downs in the early and unfortunately there are many, so one of the things I most passionate about him is to be self-analysis often and hit to achieve important goals. It is a sport of constant improvement itself, we must also add that the career of a billiard player can be very long and that still does for me it more complicated remain among the elite. 

What are the ways you practice?

Most practical modalities of carambola: Free mode, picture 47/2, 47/1 box, box 71/2, band and three bands. Although I am more specialist called classic game modes. 3 bands practice for about 6 years ago or so although I have not given a priority until about a year ago. 

How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

I try to practice a couple of hours at least 6 days per week, although there are times that I practice more if possible. For years I could train on average about 5-6 hours, but now is not normal, but when I see I’m not going to get well prepared for a tournament and have time to do so. Right now surely you need to train more to evolve the form of three bands, but I do not have as much time as I would like because I do other things during the day such as teaching.

What club you play normally?

From small game in the club of my people, Centelles. A level of computer game classic Billiards Club modalities for Swedish and three bands with the team of Mataro. Once a week usually go to Mataro to teach and take the opportunity to train with teammates, the rest I train at home because I have an pool table.

Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

Yes, I’ve been through hard times sometimes. The beginnings are complicated and will arise many doubts, for this we must spend many more hours than when you already have clear concepts and mechanically automated. A classical forms while I am generally confident and although I spend little time I am happy with the results. However trialogue is costing me more and have more questions than usual, but I am satisfied with my evolutions and clearing doubts often. 

What has been your best game or tournament?

As a result the European Championship I won the picture 71/2 in September 2009. As for the level of play championships Spain Free where I record with 285’71 overall average of 5 games at distance 400 caroms in Murcia in March 2010 and the championship of Spain to table 47/2 in Llinars del Vallès with 156’250 at the distance of 250 caroms and five in March 2009.

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

For many years I look at how to play Frédéric Caudron. I noticed above other players and in fact I still do because I think you can learn a lot, but my reference was him how to interpret the pool in all modes.

Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

Specifically to me has never happened to me nothing out of the ordinary, I’ve been lucky in that regard. But I do remember that a European championship Libre one of the players fell pool covers band (short side) in the foot, luckily nothing happened to the player and the competition could proceed normally. It seems that changing the table cloth, the operator left some loose screw with the bad fortune that fell in a set of semifinal match.

How do you see the health of carom billiards in Spain?

We went through a bad moment of truth, the serious economic crisis is not helping to take action to further promote our sport nor to create competitions. Perhaps the actions that have been carried out in previous years have not been the most successful for the interests of the athletes and fans. I am confident that this will change in the future, but not without some drastic changes and new ideas that will help our sport more attractive to the public.

What do you think can be done to increase player participation in national tournaments?

I think the main thing is to encourage youth participation in our sport, for it would have to create a structure of national school where young people could learn with relative ease, both economically and in proximity to clubs. This would make the number of licenses grew and eventually also grow the level of play of these young people. I think the purpose for many of us is the competition, but the competition without having an acceptable level does not make sense, do not say to have a chance to win a championship, but to do well within the level of each. In most cases it happens that the group of participants to a tournament carom is of an advanced age, as the years pass and people get older you get tired of going to a tournament, play a couple of games and go for home with the feeling of having played badly, then people get bored and stop participating. 

What do you think they can do billiard clubs to attract more players?

The main thing is to contact youth associations, schools and institutions and undertake recruitment to have their first contact with a cue, balls and a pool table. From here take a few courses so they can get better, and help organize social championships in everything you can to have all the facilities for a good practice.

What would you say to young people so that he was encouraged to practice?

Who dare to take a cue for the first time when they do discover a fascinating world in the game, it is also a very dynamic sport where the relationship between people is constant. Plus it is a sport that hooks a lot. 

Is there anything you’d like to add ..

Poolmania especially thank the opportunity you have given me to be one of the team and also for giving me the opportunity for fans to know me a bit more. Thank you very much!

Esteve thank you very much for the time dedicated us to do this interview ?


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