The 6 mistakes of every rookie billiard player

The 6 mistakes of every billiard player rookie

If you’re just starting in this of the pool , it is likely to make the same mistakes we made all our beginnings. It is normal and has no remedy: practice, practice and more practice. So you can progress faster, today I bring 6 common mistakes novice all billiardist (and how to avoid them ). ¿Taco ready? Here we go!

6 Rookie Mistakes All Billiardist

By David Muñoz

1- Do not put chalk

garrafal fault number 1: you have not yet you used to putting chalk before each shot. You come to play with colleagues at the bar and there chalk sets every 14 balls at once. Or more. It’s time to change the chip and start spending faster chalk for two reasons: 1) you do less miscues and 2) will help you build a routine game.

2- Go to the room to “throw balls”

Well if you already dare you train alone for a while. Bad if you spend only to spread balls on the table as you enter them on without plan. But as entertainment it to progress need to do specific exercises, which the Anglo – Saxons call billiard players drills . Here are a few.

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3- The rear hand (grip) rigid

Between nerves and uncertainties, it is normal first throw your very rigid balls. The back hand (known in slang as billarístico grip) holding the too strong cue, and this creates an irregular movement that we are not interested. The key is only holding the baton without force, and from this balance while gently re pointing taco. If you do not know how to put your hand, put it like when subject zucchini (or any cylindrical object).  

Tilting 4- Wad

When we started inclined Wad too. That is, we raise too the back of it (and often also the front hand, the bridge). All you can lower it, the more parallel to the table is the heel, the better.

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5- feet too close together

The feet of a billiard player are super important, almost as much as his hands. Why? Because they give us stability and allow us to be good (or bad) aligned in the shot. In our early days we are so concerned about putting hands and touch and aim the ball correctly we forget the feet. Why we put them together too often each other or the reverse of how they should be placed. If you’re right handed, your left foot should be slightly more advanced than the right. If you’re left-handed, right foot should be slightly more advanced than the left. The distance between them depends on the player, not too open or too closed: you should always feel comfortable.

Excess force 6-

And finally, No. 6 hyper frequent mistake: there is extra strength in most shots. When you start you still have in the head the idea of ​​”strong shot and so sure I put some”. To you get used to throw softer, you’ll see how everything is simplified and the game becomes easier for three reasons: less risk that you deflect the shot, more likely to get the ball and

better control of white.

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You know, if you’re making your first steps in the pool, try to avoid these six common mistakes and give a good jump. It is best to take advantage of the presence of some experienced player to answer questions or even sign up for classes billiards. This game requires a lot of practice but first you need a foundation.

Can you think of any other mistake we make all billiard players to start? Leave it in the comments:

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