6 myths about American billiards

6 Myths About American billiards

A mixture of urban legends, culture bar, WOM and Hollywood movies has led to the living pool surrounded by myths. Some of them supported by half – truths and others directly, in complete falsehoods. This article dismantle six topics on the previous billiards known and practiced embodiment, the American Pool .

By David Muñoz

6 Myths About Pool

1. The Pool is only played in bars

In a way it is the best known pool because in many bars there are at least a pool table. But that does not mean that only play in that environment or underhand situations. There are also social clubs or pool halls that operate outside cubatas or snuff. However, these initiatives are still a minority in our country, it is much easier to make a business profitable pool with a bar without her.

2. If you make I have two shots missing

Instead of ball in hand, two shots. Thus a lack of contrast in the informal pool is rewarded, although official regulations 8 Ball, 9 Ball and 10-Ball say otherwise. Probably not written two shots standard was adopted from Pool 51 English, the regulation provides that after each offense, the opponent will have a free kick and then his normal turn.

3. Black on the last hole

Another rule is not typically written bar that supports variations: thou goest black in the same small window in which you entered your last ball color (plain or striped) or in the opposite pocket. I have not found the origins of this law or a solid scientific explanation. If you know, please get us out of doubt in the comments. The only thing I can think is that they invented two players who wanted to extend his departure to the maximum so amortize the euro or 100 pesetas.  

4. If I enter a strong shot, it ALSO

Splurge and see if any falls. Bar in the regulations, if you enter a ball of yours (striped or solid) without having announced before, you’ll still pulling effectively. The official rules only allow these windfalls on 9 Ball, whenever you touch the ball first with lower numbers. I sing balls and troneres when shots can lead to doubt anyone is going well for you put the next excuse.

5. You won because you were lucky

The excuse is worth losing everything. Pool makes little sense, because rarely fortune (enter 9 serve in Bola 9, for example) is the decisive factor and trigger for starting. Who usually wins the game better planned, properly executed and well controlled shots white. What does influence are the dynamics of each player . Who has probably hooked positive pinch of luck, while the other will run into unexpected retruques or bad placements.  

6. Have aim is most important

It is basic, but there are other aspects of the game as or more necessary to take aim. Soon it profit a billiardist have a great skill when target balls and then not know withstand pressure hot shots or can not be controlled when it fails. The head is the most important for a simple reason: it has the amazing ability to override the best of the aims.  

Can you think of a seventh myth about the pool? Write it in the comments.

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