Is it better to play pool fast or slow?

Is it better to play fast or slow pool?

There billiard players who do not want to waste time on the table and go for slaughter. Others, however, take it all more calmly. And can both play very well. Therefore, the answer to the title question is neither yes nor no, is it depends. It depends on your character, your talents, the situation of many things. In today’s post we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of playing pool or playing fast slow for the best option values and define your style.

Tony Drago Pool

By David Muñoz   

I have always been playing slow. I do not like thinking every ball a minute, but make sure the most of the play. It has to do with my way of being (quiet, unhurried) and the education I received from previous billiards small. And why I prefer to devote more time to plan and execute the plays? Here are the pros and cons of my game. Ralf Souquet Or the, Ronato Alcano and many others.

Advantages and disadvantages of slowplaying

1- Safer

If I spend more time preparing the shot, I feel much safer when to do it. I am convinced that I have chosen the best option and I know how to run it. So when I have more confidence down. But if I go faster, you may lose that confidence because I’m not 100% convinced of what will happen on every shot.

2- More Control

On a particular shot and the game in general. Slowplaying allows me to keep in mind the next shots, anticipate where land increasingly white and avanzarme any unforeseen. Instead, playing fast notice that I lose control of the situation, I out of hand.

3- Less unforced errors

I play slower avoid rush and therefore make less unforced errors. For example, misplacement of white in a shot, apriori, was very affordable. When I accelerated, fault dumbest balls and put me worse.

Perhaps playing fast is not for me, but I know that it also has many advantages. Hence there ravaging large billiard players going like a rocket on the table: Ronnie O’Sullivan, Tony Drago, Dennis Grabe, Ruslan Chinakhov …

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Advantages and disadvantages of playing fast

1- Ritmo

Pool is very important to have a rhythm. And play a tad fast can be very good to mark it. It’s like bringing the tempo of the game. But the risk is that that pace will exceed the end. You need to know to manage it for you to master him and not vice versa.

2- Thoughts

Much of the billiard players who play fast tell me that they do to avoid negative thoughts that can get you more time if you’re planning and pulling. Very true: with less time between shots you reduce the chances of thinking too much, to give excessive turns. And that’s very good. But the real solution is not to want to avoid those thoughts, but knowing when they manage.

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3- Intimidation

Play fast is sometimes spectacular and can have an intimidating effect on the contrary. That is, you give the impression you’re a killer, that have no mercy and you’re on task, the metes all. Play well too slow and intimidating, but not enough to make a Tony Drago.

And here the pros and cons of playing fast or slow pool. As we have seen, there is no single viable option. It depends on your features and your needs. What is important is that we always play in a unique way, whether you train like you race.

Do you play fast or slow? Why? Tell me in the comments?

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