5 reasons why you should throw more soft playing pool

5 Reasons Why You should throw more soft playing pool

The bar billiard player is accustomed to push hard. Very strong. Perhaps because I still think this is a game of luck and that the higher the chestnut, the more likely that things will happen. But the truth is that the pros and overall players (good) competing in tournaments, play soft. The other day I had a discussion with a billiardist on the subject. I tried to convince him of the importance of playing loose, he thought it was better to play hard. I’m not convinced. Today I will try to convince you. Here are five reasons why I am a big fan of playing soft pool:

5 Reasons Why You Should Throw Softer Playing Pool

By David Muñoz

1- Everything becomes easier

Is not that a short pass (which requires much less power and precision) is easier to execute than a long pass (which requires a good deal of power and precision)? Well, with pool, more of the same. When you get used to play soft you get used to playing easy. Before each shot, my subconscious thinks the Minimum Threshold Force (MNF) to get the ball and put me well for the next. So never squander energy and avoid many mistakes. Why do you think the great midfielders have success rates in the pass of more than 90%? Because they play easy.

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2- Move white minimum

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of moving white minimum. Soft play is, in this sense, a good way to go. It is easier to control the path it will take after hitting the object ball. But beware, do not confuse push hard to move the white lot. You can powerful shot barely moving white, although it requires much more control.

3- avoid unwanted effects

Abusers often hard shot inadvertently apply effects or fail balls for having moved the grip slightly just before shooting. It is normal: faster execution can cause unwanted movement in your technique. That’s why I like to play softer and avoid unwanted effects.

4- Play simplest is to play better

The billiard player who struggled argued with me that he needs to see movement in the balls. It is very boring if the white barely moves. That mola more the spectacular pool. And you are absolutely right, but only if we talk about artistic billiards. The problem is that we were playing ball 8. In this case, simpler play is to play better. Occasionally they say “your game is very bland, you should take a chance anymore.” But the truth is that make it easy, simple, is extremely complicated.  

5- Reduce the risk of failure

Easy to play, move little white, avoid unwanted effects and “play bland”. In the background, we are talking about minimizing the risk of failure. We can never completely eliminate mistakes, but we’ll get rid of soft playing many of them.

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PS: A big shot is always necessary. It is not always play soft balls, but most. And where appropriate, using a drier shot. For example, in the classic stun a long shot or crushed or in a run. Always with common sense.

Have I convinced you? Are you more to play loud or soft? Leave your opinion in the comments?

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