6 aspects of billiards that we love

6 aspects of billiards That we love

Have you ever played pool ? Lanzo is often asked and 99.9% of times the answer I get is yes. It is very difficult to find a person who has never played a game or do not know what you mean when you speak of smooth and striped. Billiards, fortunately, is a universal game that allows us to socialize and have a good time, that’s why it’s so popular. But what really hooked us? Here are the six aspects chiflan us this beautiful sport.  

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The Pleasures Of The Pool 

By David Muñoz

1- An entertaining and fun game

First of all, the pool is a game. And a very entertaining and fun game. Any child takes a packed billiard room and go crazy with excitement. The primary purpose of the game is to have fun, unwind and enjoy. With smooth striped (or any other form) is achieved.

2- We tested mentally

Whether you play sporadically with friends, as if you compete regularly, billiards tests you mentally. When you want to impress your colleagues or think about winning (high expectations), you usually fail. When a problem on your mind, you play worse. The pool is a fantastic tool to discover who you are, what your fears are and what you can do to address them.

3- Ideal for improving your coordination

When we take the first Taco our position gives even laughter. It’s great to see default we complicate the existence using a bridge or placing disastrous feet backwards (advanced right if we are right-handed, when he is totally uncomfortable). We are not born taught, but gradually improve that position and therefore our coordination. Like tennis or golf, it requires a lot of technique.

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4- The pleasure of small movements

There is a good pool book entitled as follows : ” Pleasures of small motions ” (Pleasures of small movements). I can not agree more with the author. The impacts of the balls, curves, effects or rebounds in the bands produce pleasure. The hands for me. I perceive it as something beautiful, it fascinates me. There is nothing nicer than watching a master billiard player white like having a remote control and leave it in every shot exactly where he wanted to park it .

5- A good mathematical learning

Physical laws, tangents, calculations, probability, curves … In a table you can learn math even more than at school. It is a purely mathematical game: if you hit the ball exactly in this way and with this force, you can predict their reaction. But grace is that, although very gridded, on every shot come into play a lot of factors that can alter this expectation.   

6- It allows you to meet people (and link!)

And finally, billiards chifla us because it is a great tool for socialization. One of the things I like to experienced billiard players competing is to travel to other places and meet new people in the championships. The same happens if we do only a round at the bar with friends you miss a few laughs when a miscue or picas you to see who enters the black first. Along the way you make friends and sometimes, you can even link. Long live the pool!?

PS: And you, what do you most crazy about billiards? Write it in the comments (and let us also if the smooth and striped ever served you to link!)


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