The young values of the billiard stand out in the tournament of the club Bola 4

The young values ​​of the billiard stand out in the club tournament of the ball 4

Bola 4 of Chiclana de la Frontera Club last Saturday hosted the IV Amateur Championship 8 Ball Pool.

The response from players was impressive, reaching beat all previous editions by rubbing the thirty participants. The test was played with competitive atmosphere but in turn fellowship, at all times showing respect for opponents and club equipment.


The final was played between players and Peli Peri pool. emocinante end, as it was decided in the last game with 8 ball finally decanting for Peli.

Billiard tournament included the participation of female players in the Masters Pool Academy Monica and Paola, who decided they had a lucky hand to hand duel in the first phase of the tournament. Paola great role for the grand championship made, standing at the gates of the semifinals, developed by surprise a defensive game that made winning difficult games I had. Also commendable tournament Jesus, being his second championship, has managed to climb to fourth place.

To congratulate the winners of this edition Peli, Peri and Juaki and other participants for the great festive atmosphere pool and super tournament they have played.


Also make a special mention of Poolmania for their collaboration in this championship, with the contribution of trophies and poles for the winners.

The next season, I Christmas Ball Tournament 4 on December 20 . You are all invited!

Thanks to Javier Gomez, Technical Director of Masters Pool Academy for sending this article and for the excellent organization of the tournament. Let’s go on!

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