The 5 rules to make billiards easier

The 5 rules to make billiards Easier


They say less is more. And in the pool, this minimalist rule is very true. The less frills and complications you use in your game, everything becomes easier. The trick is to simplify. Because after all it is only push one ball after another into the pocket, nothing more. If you want to play simpler and easier, here are 5 rules very useful:

By David Muñoz

1. Play soft: style=”vertical-align: inherit;”> there is very weak play every shot so that the balls reach the tronera crying. It is used in every play fair and necessary force, no more no less. Many times we exceed us in power, throw the ball too hard and that makes us either fail it or complicate the placement of white. Before each strip, think well how much force you need to achieve your goal.

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2. Do not use effects: the effects on the pool are very nice, they are very cool with the public, but in practice give more trouble than joy. First, because it is much more difficult to control when you use white; and second, because the object ball reacts very differently if you applied to the white effect. My recommendation is you employ the effects only in those situations where they are strictly necessary.

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3. Hit the center: so if most shots beams without effect, that means that most shots should hit the white in the center, in the heart. This is one of the golden rules of professional billiard players , look good because most of them are running 70-80% of his shots playing in the middle. It is the most natural, the less risky the most effective.

4. Move little white: the more you move the white on the table, the more likely they are to touch other balls, tape or that it falls into any pocket. Therefore, try to move as little as possible white and everything will become easier. As we have said on other occasions, a good trick is to sweep the balls from one side of the table to the other. Thus we follow a natural sequence and we avoid unnecessary comings and goings.

5. risks the righteous and the fifth key is to decide the moves based on the odds of hitting. If it is too risky, look for a defensive shot. If it is a bit risky, go get the ball but making sure to leave bad throw opponent in case of failure. And if there are obvious dangers, the attack without fear.

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Bonus: Do not forget to put chalk before each shot ?

And you, and play simple? Write your questions or concerns in the comments!

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