How many types of billiards are there?

How many types of billiards are there?

Everything is billiards, but each game has its own thing. Change the target, rules, dress, size balls, color, prizes … and at least three factors remain: the cue, chalk and values. Snooker greatness also lies in all those game variants. Do not miss today’s article to find out how many and what modalities pool there. Already tested them all?

How Many Modalities Pool There?

By David Muñoz


American pool is probably the best known form pool in the world, especially in its most famous variant, the ball 8. You know, you can play at tables is 7, 8 or 9 feet, with balls smooth and striped, and with the aim of pocketing a certain ball before the opponent to win. Inside the pool there is also a lot of different ways, here are five examples .


No pockets and three ball. These two are the differential characteristics of carom, also known as French billiards. It is played in the middle tables match or match calefactadas grand, white, yellow and red, and its objective is to do caroms. Although there are a variety of games carambola (free, band, box 71/2, 47/1 box five keels …), the best known is the 3 – band. And by the way, Spain has a great ambassador, Dani Sánchez , four times world champion (the last, last week).


Back to the portholes, the balls of bright colors and large table, almost like a football field. Snooker is the sport of the people in England and increasingly in the Asian community. It is played on 12-foot table with 15 red balls and 6 colors, smaller than the pool or carom, and super small portholes. If patience is not your thing, better skip this game, because it is one of the toughest by far. It is also the media and generating more business. If you win the 3-band world, you bring 10,000 euros; If you win the ball 9 40,000 dollars (38,000 euros); and if you win the snooker; 300,000 lbs (350,000 euros). Change the thing.


Estila much in England snooker, but also the blackball (English pool, 8 ball pool or 51 in Spain). They invented for those without patience, they could also enjoy the pool. Although not of the easiest ways: playing in small table (similar to 7 feet) with red balls, yellow and black. The particularity of this game is that white is smaller than other balls, so physically reacts differently to certain shots. In Catalonia there is a large community organizing tournaments blackballeros as pimps as Catalonia Pool Festival:


And we end this review of billiards with one less known but more complicated than any other: the Russian. Russian Pyramid, is technically called the game like snooker, practiced in table 12 feet, with larger balls and all white except the cue ball (usually maroon or yellow). The portholes are larger than just a few millimeters balls, so it is very difficult entronerarlas. Depending on the rules, there is free pyramid, pyramid or combined dynamic pyramid.

We have seen 5-mode pool but surely there are many more in every corner of the planet. We did not leave much on TV, but we are very fortunate to be a universal game. Do you know someone who has never played a game of pool? Me neither.

What form seems more difficult? I hope your comments?

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