Top 7 Professional Pool Players

Top 7 Professional Pool Players

They are our idols, we dream face them one day and achieve some of its greatest achievements. While that dream is not met we settle them play live video or trying to stick us some incredible talent on the table. Everyone has their favorite billiard players , so today I share with you mine: there goes my top 7 players Pool , all of them still active.

Top 7 Professional Pool Players

By David Muñoz

1- Efren Reyes

The Philippines is one of the best Pool players of all time for his sunny disposition, his unique style and his success (internacionaes has more than 70 titles). Idol in his country, Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes is a reference for many billiard players icon. In August he will meet the 61, but still competing, but increasingly in fewer tournaments.


2- Niels Feijen

A Dutch “Terminator” rampaging inside and outside Europe. The coldness and safety with which he plays are his greatest virtues. Thanks to them has been several times European champion, World Pool Masters champion in 2013 and World Champion in 2014 9 Ball Championship.

3- Shane Van Boening

“The South Dakota Kid” is probably the best player in the US and one of the world’s best drawing. There are at least two aspects that distinguish it from most professional players: play with glove and always uses a closed bridge. Seven-time US Open champion in various forms (9 Ball, 10 Ball, One Pocket), in 2014 he won his first major title outside the United States, the World Pool Masters.  

4- Darren Appleton

“Dynamite” I love the security transmitted on every shot and his incredible ability by moving the white where you want. He started playing Blackball and then went to the American Pool, mode in which it has achieved individual titles as the World Pool Masters (2009) or the US Open 9 Ball Championship (2010), and groups such as the Mosconi Cup or World Cup of Pool 2014. In 2015 was champion of the World Pool Championship Chinesse.    

5- Alex Pagulayan

“The Lion” was born in the Philippines but grew up in Canada. It is another charismatic and good-natured player not to smile and joke, inside and outside the table. The fact that parties be “less serious” has not stopped winning major tournaments like the

WPA World 9 Ball Championship, the Derby City Classic or the US Open 9 Ball Championship. Last year was about to enter the professional Snooker circuit but lost in the final round of Q School 2014 that gave the pass two years.

6- Ralf Souquet

A professional snooker as the top of a pine tree. “The Kaiser” is hard to peel methodical player and one of the best can play under pressure. No wonder then that his career is full of successes: leads the ranking of medals won in Eurotours (21), has won six World Pool Masters, two US Open and three Derby City Classic, besides being champion WPA World Nine- Ball Championship in 1996.

7- Jasmin Ouschan

Although we always talk only of players, there are also large pool players deserve recognition. In this top 7 I wanted to highlight at least one of them, although he might have added other blockbuster films such as Jennifer Barretta or both Fisher. I preferred Jasmin Ouschan highlight, sister of another great player like Albin Ouschan, for his playing style and professionalism. Austrian has been several times European champion and won the Masters in 2011 WPBA.

In the next articles we will publish the Top 7 Snooker players and the Top 7 Carom billiard players .

Now it’s your turn: What are your favorite players Pool? Write it in the comments.

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