3 reasons why you should not abuse billiard effects

3 Reasons Why You Should not abuse billiard effects

Play pool with effects is sometimes necessary. But beware, because they bring many side effects. Although at certain times of the game they are very useful, abusing them may be too risky. If you’re the billiard players who (like me, I admit), sometimes braking is passed to dance with that of the white, today’s article interests you.

3 Reasons You Should Not Abuse The Effects Pool

By David Muñoz

The purpose of the purpose is clear: “alter” the natural path of white. That is, when playing ball or band behaves differently than you would if we hit it right in the center.

Types of effects: lateral (left or right), top or bottom.

And when to use effects? Simple: when it is the only way to achieve shot / placement we want or need. The problem is that many billiard players use effects even when not strictly necessary when too many. And so these three suffer side effects:

1. Changing course

The first and most important side effect of playing effect is what is known as deflection. When using (left or right) side effect, white suffers a deviation in its path toward the object ball. If the effect is on the left, the white a tad to the right is deflected. If the effect is on the right, the white a tad to the left is deflected.

And that “tad” is very difficult to calculate because it depends on several factors: the amount of effect, the distance between balls, pulling force or type of cloth.

A variable path white must also add the change that occurs in the object ball. Depending on the rotation of the white, the other ball also suffers a small deviation.

Therefore, the more you play with effects, the more chances you have of that diversion makes you fail the ball or that come in, but you misplace.

2. Uncontrolled white

You know that the pool is pure physics: angles, trajectories, distances, forces … If you hit the white in the center (no effect), is more or less easy to determine how it will behave after hitting another ball or touching band. Usually it leaves with the same angle of entry, like a mirror.

However, if you apply an effect, it is much harder to control his career and know where to go.

3. Risk pifia

The third side effect is feared miscues. Play effects increases the risk of such (because we impacting white aside). Hence , it is more necessary to put chalk well and often .

To all this, should I stop pulling effect?

No, just use them sparingly, only when strictly necessary.

The good news is that 90% of shots can be played quietly without side-effects. The vast majority of plays are feasible using only the white vertical axis: that is, above (run), center (stop) or down (reverse).

You know the saying: less is more. In billiards, too.

Did you get the effects right? Do you think you use them too? I hope your comments.

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