9 tips to improve your basic billiard techniques

9 Tips to Improve Your basic techniques billiard

The pool is a much more complex than people think sport. Knowing the basics to master is as vital as any other sport, something that many underestimate.

Daily practice will we improve substantially, so having our own pool table can help us train.

In addition to practice, have good advice to improve is always helpful. Therefore, we have these 9 tips to consider to improve your basic techniques:

Pool Table

1- Walk and observe well the table. It is very important to take the time you need to go around the table and look good all the possible moves you can do on your turn. Decide what is the best move you should do next is something extremely important, and should not be taken lightly.

2- Keep your eyes forward. It is normal tend to turn their heads to look at the table, but that gives you a disadvantage, since you’re looking sideways shot, something that can not give you all the information you need. Always face look when evaluating your next shot can be the difference between a good shot and a bad one.

3- Always keep your hand and laid back. Being tense can be your worst enemy in a game of pool . If you do not relax your hand with which subject the pool cue you can apply more pressure than necessary and reduce the chances that your shot is as accurate as you want. Concentration and relaxation are essential to make your shots better.

4- Keep your bridge firm. When you go to run your fingers squeeze hit the table cloth . This way you ensure that your bridge hand a large number of errors does not move when you slide the cue to hit the ball and avoid.

5- Always complete shock you started. Leave the shots you do half has two negative sides: a more practical side, since you doubt to make the shot and did not come out as you had planned, and a psychological side, because you can get tired mentally before if you never you decide to make a hit.

6- Analyze your failures. Using excuses not work. After a failure back to your chair, sit back and think again about what has been the problem. Mentally correct it and return to the game. This way your game will improve as the game progresses, instead of going over and over again repeating the same mistakes.

7- Always keep calm. You nervous or let your failures affect you more than necessary will not help at all, rather the opposite. Slumps always occur, the important thing is to relax and stay positive to reduce the duration of these periods.

8- Dalo everything on every shot. Once you’ve already decided what will be your shot you have to put your whole being into that punch. If you’re running when shooting still are having doubts and wondering if it is the best option, most likely falles that shot.

9- Develop a “ritual”. Think and make a list of what you need to do before executing a shot, and practice the process continuously. This way you will create a kind of ritual shooting, which will serve as a method of concentration and will help in stressful situations.

And you, what advice would you give a player to improve his technique pool ? Write it in the comments.

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