30 billiard mantras

30 billiard mantras

If you repeat the same shot a thousand times, you’ll end up dominating perfection. And if you repeat mentally these 30 ideas, you’ll be much closer to being a great billiard player. Here are 30 mantras (sacred ideas) Billiard.

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30 Mantras Billiard

By  David Muñoz

1. It is not a matter of get the ball you have in front, but knowing how shall put the next.

2. A great defense made at the right time is sometimes the best offense.

3. To win the war (the game) you have to manage well the soldiers (the balls).

4. A controlled serve is a thousand times more effective than a corner too powerful.

5. If just before throwing think that going to fail, the going to fail.

6. If you have to go from something better head over to affect (no effect).

7. The prepared mind is able to overcome the finer technique.

8. Whoever invented the effects did us no favor; who invented the play center ball , yes.

9. Hopefully, the positive dynamics, “fuck how you roll balls today” or whatever you want to call is often part of that is winning (or positive thinking).

10. The pool billiard player rewards the positive and punishes the complainer billiardist.

11. 70% of success in the pool is due to the mental game. O 80, 0 90 …

12. A good player with a bad taco will also fancy stuff. A bad player with a good taco …

13. The champions billiard players also fail, but only once.

14. Many roads lead to Rome (black). Play the easiest and arrive yes or yes.

15. There are a thousand styles, a thousand ways to shoot a thousand ways to point a thousand ways to iron out … The good news is that makes you feel more comfortable.

16. Let the subconscious plays for you.

17. The most formidable opponent is your own head. Do not give him too many opportunities or you win.

18. Leave the experiments for the coaches. In competition, limit yourself to repeat what you can do very well.

19. Mete any easy ball any ball and play easy.

The coaches fail does matter: you’re preparing to commit failure in competition.

20. Think of everything you have to think about when you’re up. Once you get off the shot, do not think: strip.

21. There are no two items exactly alike. And that may be the great magic of snooker.

22. Although being an extremely physical and mathematical game, sometimes the balls are unpredictable. And that may also be the great magic of the pool.

23. Saber finish a game is as important as knowing trace it.

24. Practice, practice, practice and you win.

25. There is always a shot available. All you have to do is find it.

26. If the white move slightly under control so you always have everything.

27. If you do not have a routine marked what you have is a clear problem.

28. Pressure can be your enemy or your ally. You decide how to treat it.

29. Change means fail. To win, you have to change. That is, fail.

30. Although sometimes we forget, the pool is just a game.

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