Pool billiards and their nicknames

The PROFESIONA pool l would not be the same without the nicknames of the players. The nicknames always give a lot of play and identify the character of the billiard player quite well. Where do these “bad names” come from? It is not easy to know exactly the origin of each one because myths and legends always fly over it, but nevertheless some are quite clear. In this week’s article we reviewed the nicknames of 20 professional pool players and why they are called that.

Earl Strickland Billiards

By David Muñoz

1- Earl The Pearl Strickland. For his attitude, his complaints, his genius and his rarities. In short, because it is a pearl of Billiard, as it was in basketball Earl The Pearl Monroe.

2- Francisco Django Bustamante. Because it looks like the protagonist of the 1966 western with the same name.

3- Darren Dynamite Appleton. Because English is pure dynamite.

4- Johnny Scorpion Archer. Because he always had as a lucky charm a scorpion.

5- Shane The South Dakota Kid Van Boening. Because he is one of the great billiards players in the world but he will always be the little boy of South Dakota.

6- Corey Cash Money Deuel. Because the matches go for money. He also shares a nickname with Ko Pin Yi as The Prince of Pool.

7- Ruslan The Siberian Express Chinakhov. Because it’s long and hard, and that’s what Daryl Peach always calls him. Before

8- Mika Iceman Immonen. Because playing is colder than a winter at the North Pole.

9- Waled Black Mamba Majid. Because at the table is as dangerous as the African snake with the same name.

10- Tony Tornado Drago. Because he does not think about it for a second, he destroys everything.

11- Jeanette Black Widow Lee. Because people eat when they come to the table and because they always go black.

12- Mike Tennessee Tarzan Massey. Because it jumps, it swings and is capable of doing virguerías in the jungle of billiards.

13- Niels The Terminator Feijen. Because the one you neglect has already annihilated you.

14- Efren Bata The Magician Reyes. Bata (“child Q) because when he started playing he had the face of xabali n and The Magician because he is, without doubt, a magician with a cue in his hand.

15- Thorsten The Hitman Hohmann. Because he is a “sicario” of billiards and does not leave any prey alive.

16- Nick The boy Van den Berg. Because as a young man he was called in a European, he had the face of a child.

17- Dennis Surigao Robocop Orcollo. Surigao is what is called the Filipino town where Robocop was born and such a voice for his supernatural powers.

18- Mike Fireball Dechaine. Because it is able to take a gazillion miles per hour and make the white jump through the air 10 meters.

19- Alex The Lion Pagulayan. Because of his style of play and because he is the King.

20- Ralf The Kaiser Souquet. Because he is the great German emperor and he has already conquered everything.

What is the nickname that most catches your attention? Write it in the comments.


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