10 historical Pool games

10 Pool games historical

agonal end, impossible shots and egregious annoyances. It is difficult to summarize the history of Pool in a few videos, but these 10 games will always have a place in the historical memory pool. You will not be a total billiardist until you have not seen and these 10 mythical moments Magazine.

Mosconi Cup

By David Muñoz

1- Steve Davis vs Strickland (Mosconi Cup 2002)

11-9 for Europe in the overall and 4-4 in the match against Earl Strickland Steve Davis. The last game can mean the final victory of the Europeans or the Americans comeback to be closer to his seventh consecutive title. Strickland has everything to please but fails 6 after a fatal placement. Davis simply push balls 3 easy. Gets it?

2- Philippines vs Germany (final World Cup of Pool 2009)

Three hours of game and not too good quality video. But still, you have to see this match. Philippines plays at home the final of the World Cup of Pool 2009 against two German rocks, Ralf Souquet and Thorsten Homman. ¿Reyes and Bustamante to Hold the title to your audience?  

3- Reyes vs Strickland (end of Sands Regency 9 ball Open 1995)

Efren Reyes jovencísimo faces Earl Strickland at the end of the Sands Regency Open 9 Ball 1995, 20 years ago. Philippine defense takes the 5th complicated with so unlucky to get the ball and get clogged. What follows is pure magic two bands.  

4- Souquet vs Strickland (Mosconi Cup 2007)

American Earl Strickland is the probably the best pool player in the world in the art of not knowing how to lose. It demonstrated for the umpteenth time in this clash of the Mosconi Cup 2007 against Souquet. A Strickland was a little cross wires after seeing the German enters 9 giving Europe a 9-6 lead.

5- Reyes vs Bustamante (WPA semifinal World Championship Pool 1999)

A classic between two of the best Filipino players in history. See a Reyes-Bustamante is always a safe bet. In the semifinal of the World Pool Championship 1999 ‘Bata’ passes over his friend ‘Django’ to walk to his first world title.

6- Reyes vs Chang (WPA end of World Pool Championship 1999)

After the earlier semifinal, here are the last ball of the end of the world championship 1999 between Reyes and Chang. The Philippine returns to raze this meeting Won 17. ‘Bata’ Reyes continues to rule the World Pool.

7- Van Boening vs Alcano (final of the US Open 9 Ball Championship 2007)

A young (24 years) Shane Van Boening got their hands on his first US Open 9 Ball Championship in 2007. Playing at home and does not fail against Filipino Alcano. This was his second big win on the professional circuit after winning the Reno Open the same year.

8- Jayson Shaw vs Mika Immonen (semifinals Turning Stone 2015)

The last three videos from this collection of hits from Pool are reserved for more recent clashes. The first one took place this year at the Turning Stone American. Shaw sticks a Immonen 9-1 in 22 minutes in the semifinals. British exits while the Finnish despairs.

9- Immonen vs Strickland (Mosconi Cup 2008)

The Finnish Immonen also knows meter beatings. He proved in the Mosconi Cup 2008 against tough nut to crack Strickland. 5-0, a tasty donut in 20 minutes. Immonen nor hair to celebrate the victory is not cut, so the heater rabid American is inevitable.

10- Feijen / Van den Berg vs Hatch / Stuff (Mosconi Cup 2013)

Another big hit of the always exciting and controversial Mosconi Cup. This time they face by pairs Feijen / Van den Berg vs Hatch / Stuff. Dutch Feijen comes but cover four to five. Van den Berg compatriot makes magic with the extension cable and jump cue leaving only three seconds to shoot. It is probably one of the best shots of the tournament’s history.

What have these 10 historical battles like? Would you add any more? Add it in the comments.

This article is part of a series that collects historical billiard games. We will publish the top 10 and top 10 Snooker Carom.


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