The 10 commandments of billiards

The 10 Commandments of billiards

As in any other sport, in the pool there are a number of official rules. Black enters last. If you choose scratched, then you can not go smooth. Or if you do miss, then it is ball in hand for the opponent. But in addition to those rules that sometimes annoy us, there are unwritten rules also should meet. They are the 10 commandments of the pool:

Pool God

1- If while you’re pointing the ball , think that going to fail, there is a 99% chance that the falles. Sometimes 100%.

2- balls are your friends , not your enemy. So you treat them well, look after them, you mímalas everything you can. Otherwise, they will side with your opponent. And that we are not interested.

3- If chases a ball accidentally and no one has seen you, be honest. For the sake of your karma and respect for your opponent, delivers the ball in hand. Fair play at all, but we can not then say that the pool is a sport of caballer @ s.

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4- After getting through Stratospheric bolón , you have a 99% chance to miss the next shot. Sometimes 100%. You’re coming up, you freak by bolón you just nailed it and now failures which is a span pocket.

5- Typically , you lose. So useless to break down after a defeat. The vast majority of billiard players lose many more times than we earn. Only super pros end the year with a positive balance of victories / defeats.

6- Meter balls is important , but more master white. Without the second you never finish a game. So whenever you touch train alone, spend at least the same time to sharpen your aim to move white as God intended.

7- Chalks others do not touch or stolen . Is not that you do not like pispen yours? That ‘s it.

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8- If you miss a ball is not in the table style=”vertical-align: inherit;”> , because someone moved while you were throwing or because yesterday slept little. If it’s your fault, your fault alone. So, no excuses. If you use them , nobody will believe you and you ‘ll be pretty bad.

9- There is no foolproof trick to become champion someday. Well yes, one. Practice, practice, practice , and when you get tired, practice even more. The pool is a very technical game, very routine, which requires well – learned theory but mostly dominate the table by heart. You need many hours of training to accustom the arm to each type of shot and to get your body play alone, without thinking. Not forgetting of course not enough training, you have to compete.

10- The pros never reveal their biggest secret . Always they keep it . But what they can not cover is the way they play, so watch them , study them and learn all of them. Hint: Look at how little they tend to risk and how much abuse the white center. So hit the white always (or almost always) in the center, it may be your big secret.

PS: These are only 10 commandments but surely we could get many more. Which ones are yours? We hope your comments?

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