Top 7 of Carambola’s professional players

Top 7 of Carambola’s professional players

One week we highlight some of the best pool players in the world. First we talk about the top billiard players of Pool after those of Snooker and this time it ‘s the turn of playing on tables without pockets and dominate better than anyone bands: the Carom billiard players . Here are my 7 favorite champions still active.

By David Muñoz

Semith Sayginer

1- Semih Sayginer

I discovered this Turkish player (Adapazari, 1964) and many other billiard players : watching the Magic Show trickshots . Since then it is one of my favorites for his play and his joker character. Semih Sayginer or “The Turkish prince” was European champion in 1999 and 3 Band World in 2003, competition disputed in Valladolid. Plays for FC Porto, Longoni and is sponsoring an online game ambassador pool: Pool Elite .

2- Dani Sánchez

Undoubtedly one of the best players in Spanish pool of all time and one of the largest in the world. Catalan Dani Sanchez (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 1974) has been and will be a reference for me, inside and outside the table. Serenity and tranquility to play is admirable; his game, just great. With an enviable track record is world renowned, three – time world champion (1998, 2005, 2010), several champions of Spain and Europe times and twice champion of the World Games (2001 and 2005).    

3- Frederic Caudron

It is the Belgian SUV that boasts more medals: 159 metals in tournaments played since 1986. Caudron (Mons, 1968) has been champion of Europe and the world of virtually all forms of Carambola (Banda, Table 47/2, 71/2 Table , 3 bands), besides getting other titles such as the recent Supercup in 2015 and reigning national of Belgium. “The Extraterrestrial” holds, along with three other players, the record tacada in 3 bands: 28 caroms without fail.

4- Dick Jaspers

Netherlands not only has incredible players like Nick Pool Van den Berg and Niels Feijen, there are also the same level in Carambola. One example is Dick Jaspers (Sint Willebrord, 1965), four times European champion 3 – band world champion three times champion and World Games in Taiwan 2009. His last two achievements have been the Grand Prix winning in January this year in his country and victory in the World Cup held in Egypt in March.

5- Torbjörn Blomdahl

You will have an almost unpronounceable name and virtually impossible to write well at first, but the Swedish benchmark leading the world rankings 3 bands. Blomdahl (Gothenburg, 1962) was four times world champion (although the last was in 1997), European champion on numerous occasions and also won a Masters Agipi in 2007. In addition, he defends himself very well in 8 – ball and 9 ball and is able to make hundreds in Straight Pool.

6- Sung-Won Choi

The carom is experiencing tremendous growth in Asia. Much of the blame has the player Sung-Won Choi South Korea (Busan, 1977), world champion in 2014. Choi stands out for having achieved 9 medals that shows in the last five years, including a Agipi Masters in 2010. He currently holds the second in the world ranking 3 – band UMB , 70 points Blomdahl.

7- Therese Klompenhouwer

And we close this ranking highlighting the current world champion 3 – band Therese young Dutch Klompenhouwer (Nijkerk, 1983). The lefty leads the world rankings of UMB after winning the world title in 2014 in Turkey. In the Netherlands no one is able to snatch the national competition since 2009 and last May got his sixth consecutive European Championship .

Have you left wanting more? Do not miss this post with videos of the best tacadas pool 3 bands featuring these same players.

Now is your turn. What are your favorite Carom billiard players? Write it in the comments.

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