7 billiard cues that I would buy with my eyes closed

7 billiard cues That I would buy with my eyes closed

Admit it, occasionally you also give yourself a walk around the store Poolmania to explore the heel of your dreams. That, if you could, you would buy now. The player using such a professional, you chifla by design or which boasts better performance. Perhaps we can never afford these relics, but will always be time to dream about them. These are the seven pool cues would buy with your eyes closed.

By David Muñoz

1- Lucasi Custom LZCB5 Zero Flexpoint – 295.90 €

Who said the taco of your dreams had to be hyper expensive? If you’re a fan of minimalism like me, this Lucasi can venirte of pearls. Elegant but not inlaid design, all black with white contrast is presented. It does not take much more to play.

Custom Lucasi Lzcb5 Zero Flexpoint


2- Mezz EC7 – W6 – 703.80 €

Mezz is increasingly the favorite brand of many billiard players. Make tacos as incredible as this has given them the deserved reputation. Aside from having a perfect design, the EC7 – W6 stands out for its performance: Tapered-Core technology for more stability, arrow Mezz WX700, Kamui sole and thread United.

Mezz Ec7 W6

3- Predator BK3 Sports Wrap – 509,90 €

“So powerful it is criminal” (So powerfull, it’s criminal). This is the slogan that Predator uses for BK series tacos kick. Those who use it say it is one of the best tacos to break if not the best. We will have to try.

Predator Bk3 Sports Wrap

4- Pechauer Cam 8 Yorkshire – 1.020 €

I dig the minimalist cues but also carrying amazing inlaid like this Pechauer limited edition. Undoubtedly a work of art based on previous billiards maple, leopard and Birdseye.

Pechauer Cam 8 Yorkshire

5- Mezz Air Drive – 283.50 €

Today I use a Fury Break Jump jump serve and not doing anything wrong, but it is not comparable to the Predator BK3 before the Mezz Air Drive or jump. Thanks to this taco many billiard players make the complicated jumps in normal shots.

Mezz Air Drive

6- Taco Tasdemir Adam Tayfun Pro – Ebony – 1222.98 €

If Carambola player Adam probably want to buy this nice design and outstanding performance: two arrows double hinge, patented X2 double jointed Adam and adjustable weight. In addition Turk named Tayfun Tasdemir .

Taco Adam Tayfun Pro Ebony Tasdemir

7- Parris Stirling Cue – £ 548.40

And now the end of this compilation of favorite brand tacos tacos all billiardist English Snooker would like to use. Me too love the Parris Cues, especially this model Stirling made with ash, ebony and rosewood. If the top pros use a Parris will be because it is the best taco Snooker market.

Parris Cue Stirling

Now it’s your turn: write in the comments cue that you buy with your eyes closed, but not in this list.

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