Top 5 Billiard Jumping Tacos

Top 5 Tacos De Salto

 Top 5 Billiard Jumping Tacos

They are essential to save defenses, to regain the initiative and often decisive when winning or losing a game. Today a pool player has to master the jump and dominates the rest of beatings. Use a good jump cue provide us with that task. So in today’s article we highlight five tacos jump pool of quality to achieve such incredible jumps like these:

By David Muñoz

What characteristics make a taco good jumping pool? It will be a great taco if it is light, if you have a rigid structure, if it is made with quality wood and if you have multiple extensions, short or long jumps. The five tacos are highlighted below meet most of these features.  

Poison VX JMP 1- (113’90 €)

This comes with phenolic Poison sole, synthetic thread grip and Uni-Loc. It is as light as elegant and is also available in color gray . It is a taco made it easy to jump almost effortlessly and allows a good grip thanks to the synthetic grip designed so that you do not slip.

Jump Pechauer 2- (149.90 €)

Wad Pechauer jump is conceived and designed for easy jump shot at any level player. The arrow is made of hard maple wood. If you are thinking of buying a taco jump now, the Pechauer is a great value option is on offer.

3- Cuetec Bullet Jump (129 €)

Many Cuetecs stand out for their stylish and different from other design cues, and this model does not change the trend. Metallic gray, the Jump Bullet has a high degree of carbon fiber, a thread Quick Release and a phenolic sole larger (13.5 mm). It is also available in color black .

4- Mezz Air Shooter (164’90 €)

The “Airshooter” Mezz is a taco innovative leap that combines American and Japanese technology and is designed to maintain the optimal balance, shape and power. It comes with wood thread, cap Manix Z and super hard Mezz BI sole 12.75 mm. A great choice to wear white in the air (and control his landing).

5-Predator Air 2 (219 €)

It is the most expensive but probably the most accurate taco market jump. The Predator Air 2 matt black comes with a new technology that allows jumps with little effort and adapts to any level of play. You can adjust the weight and comes with 3 pieces, for use in long jump lengths. It has two threads, a radial Mini arrow and Uni-Loc for the hub. You pay for the brand, but it is a guarantee of success.

In this article we wanted to highlight the tacos that meet very well with one goal: jump. However, you can also opt for a taco kick and jump, as Longoni Niels Feijen TJB-S2 .

So far the ranking of tacos jump. Write in the comments taco use for jumps and which of these five you like best.


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