5 reasons why we fail billiards

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5 Reasons Why We Fail billiards

You know what we have in common Efren Reyes , Semih Sayginer, the billiardist bar, you and me? We fail. Good or bad, champions or beginners, we all fail. Making mistakes is a necessary part of any game and only you are willing to screw up a lot is who ultimately gets results. The key here is not to collapse at the first opportunity. To better understand why we fail and try to avoid those mistakes in the post this week we talked about 5 most common reasons for failure. For them.

5 Reasons Why We Fail The Billiard Players

By David Muñoz

Before going into detail on five points, it is important to understand that failure is always the result of something, the result. It is not giving importance to error, but the fact that propitiated. And here come the five causes:

Lack of knowledge 1-

Many billiard players fail due to lack of technical and tactical knowledge. That is, because of inadequate reaction of the balls or controlling certain game facets. For example, in a play by band, they do not touch the ball because they do not know how to calculate diamonds. The only way to remedy such failures is to study more pool.

2- negative thoughts

The second major cause of failure are negative thoughts that come and go in our head. “I will fail”, “I’m not sure what will happen next”, “I’m losing 3-0,” “The opponent is better than me.” Every time we auto send one of these messages are unconsciously favoring the ruling. Remedy? Train and compete more to gain confidence and be able to counteract those thoughts when they come, with positive messages.

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Fears 3- or uncertainties

Closely related to the second cause are the fears and insecurities of the player. Fear of what they may think the opponent or the public you, lose, fail to do well but the last ball. Insecurity for having trained some recent days or have missed some easy shot. Again, the key here is to gain confidence based workouts and positive thoughts.

4- Situations pressure

A classic in the art of failure, pressure situations. Billiardist knows all put everything in workouts, but when the moment of truth arrives arm shrinks, the pocket becomes small … Manage well the pressure is one of the biggest difficulties pool (and any sport). The only way is to submit much to it, live constantly under pressure to that already become a routine, normal.

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5- erroneous Picks

Finally, the fifth leading cause of failure usually our wrong choices. Choose the wrong shot, we plan evil play or go to attack when we should defend. If you notice, drink this reason all the above: we choose bad for not knowing the game well, having a negative thought, insecurity or because we are under pressure. If you improve the above points, you automatically take less wrong decisions.

And you, why do you think failure normally? Leave it in the comments?


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