Club Billar Mataró takes out ticket to Palma in some infarction clashes

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Billiards Club Mataro ticket to Palma Takes out in some Infarction clashes

By Daniel Martinez

The Club Billiards Mataro recently signed one of his most epic moments at home at Los Alamos, and probably the last before the transfer to the new headquarters.

The group phase of venues to play in the Maresme was very complicated and the first game against the favorite theoretical Montmeló, ended in defeat 2-6 (Montes victory against Yeste 40-31 in 26 innings), but predicting how serious the weekend: genuine heart attack.

Esteve Mata

If Pau Benitez began sweeping Bouterin but ended up losing (34-40 in 40) after the veteran player back to get into the game and running until the last moment, Esteve Mata began uncertainly and went to tow the entire game ( 28-40 in 48). Jordi Garriga made the first of its displays weekend against Sergio Jimenez making a run of 15 that left breathless entire room, after receiving a 12 – well when the Montmelo was only 4 balls to finish. The end result, 39-40 defeat in 25, when Garriga had a chance to close the game.

Mataro crossed the second round and Getafe, who came away from tying Gandia at the premiere. This cross ended tie (victories Pau and Esteve), which combined with the also tie between Gandia and Montmeló left all teams depending on themselves in the day on Sunday.

Sunday at Montmeló awoke early and swept forward to Getafe 8-0, certifying his pass, and the last game was Mataro-Gandia. Who will win, he had ticket to Mallorca, and classified the valencianos tie. In another big game, Montes 40-29 imposed on 28 and Mata got rid of his rival with a final rush, 40-30 in 39. Pau was not getting beat his opponent and end up losing 34-40 in 34. He was the party of the numbers 1, a classic Spanish pool as Alfonso Legazpi, who came from Sergio Jimenez apabullar (40-2 in 15) against the captain of the “Capgrossos” Jordi Garriga. Garriga had started the game impressively by a run of 16 in the third inning. Returning from the break, Legazpi reconstructs with incredible part and is close to end, 38-25. Garriga remade with a run of 7, leaving stagnant Legazpi and reaches the tie 39. The tie in that game would give the victory to Mataro 5-3 but the prospect of qualifying for the play suggests to undercut more than one if there’s a doctor in the house or better to emergency calling. Finally it would not be necessary. Garriga has the cue in hand, plays to finish, and where everyone sees a play, he sees a completely different. Asks the referee that you clean the ball. Bromera allowed, “do not hurry,” he says. He sits and breathes. He is about to throw, while the room lima hold your breath. Bricole, two bands, ball, band and carambola. The # MataróPower, more alive than ever. Tears, hugs, Mortice hand and tension that escapes up the stairs to the street …

We have a word with Esteve Mata , who values us the weekend:

– Congratulations Esteve! What feelings are you after this weekend?

Thank you! Because the sensations are positive because even though we have not been at our best as usual and have suffered more than we would at times this stage, we learned to take it forward and that makes us optimistic about what remainder of the season.

– How would you explain what you’ve lived once finished your game and Antonio to victory, as you veíais the end of parido Garriga-Legazpi gave you, or not, the ticket to Palma?

For the final it was very exciting, as has been the entire game as Jordi. We must keep in mind that they go into the break with 21-3 Jordi. Alfonso returning goes around in an incredible way and sets 38-25 to finish, everything seemed to think the worst until Jordi has taken a run of 7 has put a 5 to finish with the undercut, knowing his tie also worth us. Things got good at that point. Jordi has always been known for his courage on the table and did not fail. The latter carambola (bricole two bands first ball, and carambola band) has been sensational. Could not be more exciting! By winning the joy it is immense because one of the main goals of the season was to reach the final 8 again.

– How have you found a particular level, and how have you seen the team?

I was training and playing well until last week, I’ve really noticed a good progression in my game in recent months, but I lost a little just trust the days before this stage headquarters and that has broken me some schemes. Although I have not been good, I’ve taken two wins from three possible and that comforts me right now. The team has not arrived at its best, perhaps, but surely this classification as suffering now will come a better overall shape. We knew it would be a difficult tie, because the potential of the other teams was very large and have competed perhaps a little more fearful than usual in us. However our team has a very strong competitive nature and thus has been seen. Last year few people gambled on us at the final stage and finally the Mataró could hang the silver medal. This season and with another year of experience as a team personally believe that we can give that talk.

– What is the goal in Mallorca?

We have team to be at the top: young, in progress and we are increasingly conjoined. But of course, the 8 teams who will be there are many levels, there will not be an easy game, we must put the five senses on the table but we will do well because we will enjoy what we like, which is to compete at the highest level and against the best players in the state.

– And the next weekend The European Championship!

Yes, we are looking forward. The team has regained confidence after losing to Montmeló, the trajectory has been upward and ended in a high moment we will try to take advantage, because in five days we leave for Athens. Remember that there will enter into competition with the JNA, a team made to win the competition, what we might call the Dream Team: Caudron, Jaspers, De Bruijn, Mercx. It’s complicated, but we will try to give everything as we always do. I have no doubt that the team will be at the level that can be, and why not try to surprise despite the added difficulty that only classifies a team to the final of Turkey.

Also we got some words of Captain Jordi Garriga :

Jordi Garriga

– Well Jordi … I know you do not like what I’m going to say, but true: You are the star of the day! Congratulations!

Thanks, but I’m not the star of the team, only to win my party like other colleagues, that is precisely the strength of this team ‘There’s no stars !!!

– Well, that last ball will bring tail, the public is not yet believed to have thrown so … Tell us, how has it gone? How did you happen with 39-39 and hearts of the whole room going off on their mouths, ask to clean the ball and sit so quiet?

(Laughter) It’s a difficult play more spectacular than I opted for this move because it was that I found easier, I understand the game well. As for cleaning the ball, I did it to save time. He was too nervous and needed to confront it more calmly.

 – Sergio Tacadas 15 against and 16 against Alfonso Legazpi … With Sergio lost one and Alfonso have won one. In case anyone doubted it, you’re in the elite national pool, no? It’s your best time?

Elite? I do not know … there are many technical and mental details that I need to improve. But certainly, if I’m at my best.

– How do you assess the weekend the team? ? You have suffered more than expected?

The truth is that we expected a weekend as gone. It was a very even group, I would have been stupid to think that it would be easy. It never is.

– What are your expectations ahead of Athens, in Europe, and Mallorca?

We will definitely give you a lot of strength to meet this end the European week in May the Spanish final. We are where we wanted to be and we will enjoy. Let’s give everything


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