Get to know better … Manuel Montejo

Get to know better … Manuel Montejo

What snooker player will know today? The Spaniard Manuel Montejo , who since early 2014 has joined Poolmania sponsored players. We hope you enjoy the interview

Does it come your love for billiards Since when?

Since I can remember have always struck me spinning balls on the carpet. At 7 years old my father bought me a toy pool, it was using about two weeks until my mother got tired of seeing it through the middle and I hid. 

Seven years later, with 14, he had just emerged from an injury where I had broken his arm in a basketball training with my team. One day walking with a friend, we passed a bar that had a sign announcing a billiard championship organized with free registration. I remembered the beautiful game and convinced my friend to apuntásemos us, I said I was very good. Then it turned out that my friend who was a year older than me, was the best player of the tournament, even the elderly. And I was the least knew hahahaha … it was very funny xD

What you most passionate about this sport?

Besides how nice it is to try to dominate the ball, what I like to know that is not like other sports or professions, such as football or as a singer. In that however good you are sometimes not get anywhere without good outlets. Pool if you feel like you would on the table can get where you set your mind to.

What are the ways you practice?

All I can and help me become a more complete player. It is a pity that there are no tournaments or One Pocket 14.1 in Spain, just make Spain Championship 8 ball and 9-ball Not even ball 10  

What brand taco you usually play? Would you would you change to another?

Pechauer since I met 11 years ago left me in love with the brand, how to work their materials and their philosophy of building blocks. For me are amazing qualities they work hardly change me, I’m too satisfied.

How often do you play every week? Do you think it is enough to improve your game?

Unfortunately the times in the Pool in Spain are not good, and I find it hard to get motivated to train more hours. I play about 10 hours a week, however I consider to leap level need to train “at least” 15 hours divided into 5 days.

What club you play normally? Do you think it is well conditioned for playing pool?

I usually train in several clubs of Mallorca: Is Vici in Campos, Palma Palace Pool and the Magic Café. They are run by good people and that encourages me to go. Although because of the crisis cloths they can not be changed as much as we would like.

What do you think they should do billiard clubs to attract more players?

I think the only option is to grow the sport competitions do a lot of promotion: billiard base, third, juniors, novices and beginners. All with free or insignificant inscriptions (5 euros) and that the only awards that would be up and trophies. This is how the quarry is encouraged. And once you go up at first, and would be eligible for scholarships and reach others. In this way there would be good infiltrators level players at lower levels, and all would rather be the last first class champion second. Thing does not happen today.

What has been your best game or tournament?

I remember good times in different competitions, such as when Spain won the Cup that was held at the Planet Pool in Vitoria, had very good players like David Alcoberro, Francisco Sanchez, David Alvarez, Ciprian Gabriel, etc. It was special for the place and so it wasnt for my win, go to the full circuit of Eurotours.

Have you always had confidence in your game or, on the contrary, we have entered moments of doubt?

The doubts come when they’re trained or when the situation is new, we’ve all been there, even the greatest.

What has been your best participation in a tournament / championship outside of Spain?

Eurotour in Holland I got by winners qualify for the final table of 32, rallying from a 1-7 and winning 9-7 against a good player Greek.

What is the player that you look to try to improve your game?

I look at all, I think there is always something you can learn from everyone. My favorites are the Filipinos who believe that are very complete.

Tell us a story that has happened playing pool

So I would not know what to say xD

In Holland I left the taquera on the street against the wall, with my newly purchased Joseph Pechauer and Alcoberro tacos too. We went to eat Alcaide, Fran and me to a Mexican restaurant, and two hours later I realized I did not know where my tacos were. With the aggravating circumstance that in 4 hours left my plane to Spain. I went crazy looking for tacos billiard room and restaurant. When lost and gave him I told Ivica Putnik that took me to them without even knowing what my taquera. I just saw an older man with a beautiful young woman walking down the street with a large pool cover his attention. When I told him what had happened he lit the lamp and ran out shouting: “Follow me!” I ran him to a place where they were and could recover. I will be eternally grateful?

How do you see the health of the sport in Spain today?

In Spain the health of the pool is in the past, we are a little united country and everyone just looks at him. It is normal pool this so bad, if we are not even able to unite to protest unjust laws imposed on us in our country, how could we do it for the pool? We are a country still too uncultured. 

Why do you think has lowered the participation of players in national tournaments?

On the one hand by the crisis and secondly by economic rewards that are in the lower grades, and only achieved that has infiltrated players in lower categories and none want to upload.

What they will want to climb? If down is easier to win and get caught pasta.

Where do you think you can be the solution?

They have already spoiled for many years players will now be difficult to reach the good line, but not impossible. Why football players prefer to play first than in second? The solution is that the organizers get the players prefer to play in the highest category, and not as happens now, who prefer to be “mouse head” rather than “lion’s tail”. I particularly prefer to be 16 Championship Spain before being champion Spain 2nd. In addition to that title does not exist, is not recognized by the RFEB imagine, it is like saying Miss Spain 2nd category. What would you ?, removing the most beautiful women are No. 1, I laugh for not mourn, do so for pure business. And while this is still business to certain companies will never be a decent competition, as there are many vested interests.

Why do you think that in Spain the pool is not a very attractive sport for the media?

In USA or UK snooker is a sport with many fans and viewers. The new team game created in USA (Bonus Ball) is very dramatic and striking; format pairs, shot each player teams or even Snooker in UK are innovating and make for attention of the viewer. But in Spain we do not know yet organize spectacular events like the Super Bowl in America or the NBA not as we strive to show the Americans, we should take example of Mosconi.

As I said earlier, Spain is a country too uncultured yet, and here everything other than football costs a lot of interest. How can we cut in health, in education, we rise VAT, taxes, cut pensions, bankers and politicians steal and not to disclose to us as God intended? However Whatsapp falls, or loses the selection, or the football coach of the team that followed the miscue and put the outcry and it seems the world has to stop. There is no consistency no, we seem a flock of sheep that give us food while we follow the shepherd wherever.

What would you say to young people so that he was encouraged to practice?

There is no need to change or wear a special clothing or footwear to train and does not sweat anything. xDD hahaha … just kidding, now serious:

Thanks to the pool, which is a beautiful sport, they can learn to know each other better themselves. That will help them excel as individuals to reach overcome as players. It will give them discipline and strength to overcome. One without the other is almost impossible to achieve. It is also a sport that has no age and may practice a lifetime, making good friends along the way and knowing beautiful places.

Is there anything you’d like to add …

Simply Poolmania to thank you and greet all my people in Mallorca thanks to them I learned what they have learned convey, camaraderie and sportsmanship. I could not name them all who support me because they are too many, but they know who they are friends with.


Manuel thank you very much for the time dedicated to us for this interview. We loved it!


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