Esteve Mata champion at 47/2 of the Catalan First Division

Esteve Mata at 47/2 champion of the Catalan First Division

Catalan carom billiards player Esteve Mata recently proclaimed champion of Catalonia to 47/2 in a race held in the Billiards Club Tarragona.

The final games were decided in a very different: while in Mata semifinal won Gassó fast track (1 to 150 in a single entry), the final against Espinasa was fiercer, although Centelles gave shelve a 150-106 at 4 inputs.

Esteve returned to dispute a championship in this type of 47/2 after a few years without doing so. We share the interview with the companions of Club Billiards Mataro

– Esteve, congratulations for the championship. You are happy?
Yes, very pleased to have won this competition after having been a long time without playing the tables in Catalonia.

– How have you found? Been comfortable, you liked your game?
Man, during the competition I have been recovering senssaciones with good material … Despite the excessively short distance to have played the games I learned push through the most difficult both technically and emotionally moments.

Speaking of distance, what did you think these 150 caroms away that was played this competition?
For my taste, I craved few. Once you put in tacada, for players of the category was in this tournament, reaching 250 is entirely feasible, and general averages have gone up significantly, because if in the third inning are rowed and just, you go from making 50 to make 83, or is in the second raisins to 75 to make the 125 … on the other hand, 150 you can not afford the slightest mistake because any opponent you can end at any given time. In this sense perhaps it adds excitement to the games, but in terms of quality snooker game itself, I think it is better to play a greater distance.

No doubt great news for the Catalan billiard Esteve Mata again competing in these championships. The game wins.


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