The best defensive plays in billiards

The best defensive plays in billiards

They say the best offense is a good defense. And they have good reason. How many times have managed to regain the initiative in a game of pool after making a defense that put the opponent on the ropes? Or how many times we lost the game by making no defense when he played? Defensive or pool is somewhat more difficult than offensive art. In today’s article we see examples of impressive defensive plays and some tricks to improve this type of shot in the championships .

Las Mejores Defensas De Billar

By David Muñoz

What is a defense in the pool?

Simple: that is to let you play that bad shot rival. That is, we disregard the main objective of the pool (meter balls), to force a bad play rival and more easily able to include them later.

5 things we get with the defenses

    1. Retrieve the initiative of a game
    2. Get a ball in hand gives us the game
    3. Win a game directly (causing three fouls)
    4. demoralize the opponent ‘s
    5. Improve our confidence (when we do not feel fine putting balls )

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Best defenses in pool

The defensive plays in pool rely heavily on the form. Not the same defend 8 Ball or 9 Ball, Ball do it in 10. Each game has its dynamics and need to know the precise moment to defend. For example, 9-ball or ball 10, make a very good defense in the penultimate ball gives you on many occasions the game.

Best defenses in Snooker

By the enormous size of the table and the very small size of the balls, defend Snooker is very complicated. Still, the pros do great. And, like the portholes are so demanding, they defend very often. Here are a few examples of Stratospheric defensive shots of Ronnie O’Sullivan:

When you have to defend?

    1. When you do not see clearly the next play
    2. When you go on the attack is too risky (because there are many options fail)
    3. When already has caused two fouls in a row rival (and only need one more to take the game ball 9)?

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Extra tip: if you go to attack, if the shot is very complicated it is advisable to think for a moment what is the best way to run it so that in case of failure, the opponent will look bad shot.

Eye, the defenses are very important in the strategy of the pool, but we should not go crazy and use them a lot. It must be a sporadic resource that you acudas only when you’re in trouble. If you see minimally clear, throw miles and attack!

PD: Did you get good defenses? Like “go whoring” the opponent? ?I hope your answer in the comments.

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