10 pages of pool that you should follow on Facebook

If there is a social network that we especially like billiards, that is without a doubt Facebook. Why? Very simple. We can see amazing billiard videos , be up to date with the tournaments that are being played, see what a lot of players, amateurs and pros are saying, and follow our idols more or less closely. Facebook has become a great source of billiard information thanks to a few pages that are really worthwhile. Of them goes the post of today.

Pool Balls

By David Muñoz

1- Pool tip of the day

I discovered this recently, but it’s really interesting. Professional billiard player Barbara Lee shares reflections and advice on specific situations that a billiard player must live. The last one, for example, was about “how to act in parties that decide to the last game”. It’s in English, but Facebook and Google help you translate the content, so enjoy it.

2- Charles Lakey

Are you one of those who are looking for spectacular plays? Charles Lakey posts videos that demonstrate his artistic talent at the pool table. Massés, impossible shots and much more. Like when you see a magician, you will ask yourself more than once how he is capable of doing that.

3- Ronnie’s Fan Club

Mega fan of Ronnie O’Sullivan? Well, on Facebook there are several communities of followers. You are already taking some time to join one of them or follow their official page .

4- Pool & Billiard History

If you like to read about the history of billiards and see old photos of Minnesota Fats and company, you should follow this Facebook page and also your blog. It is a relic for billiard lovers.

5- Spain Pro Snooker

Fan of the snooker? The companions of Spain Pro Snooker are making a very good coverage of the world circuit. Whenever there is a tournament, there they are to inform about the evolution of the matches. Now for example they are full with the Masters.

6- Bola-8.es

Carlos does not miss any American pool tournament. He is always attentive to publish the results of the competitions and to follow the progress of the Spanish billiards players. It is another of the pages that I always consult, both on Facebook and on your blog.

7- Billar Spain

Tomás is also usually at the bottom of the canyon when there is an important tournament, so if you follow his Facebook page you will find out about the latest results, you will be able to read his chronicles and see some interesting videos that he shares from time to time.

8- Pro Players

In addition to all the useful pages that we have commented, you can also follow the best players in the world to know what tournament they are in or what they do in their free time. A Shane Van Boening loves to fish, for example. I follow a few: Appleton , Majid , Lely , Chinakhov , Immonen and many more.

9- Poolmania

If you do not want to miss the offers of products (now there are some articles discounted to 50%) and none of these posts, you should also follow the Poolmania Facebook page. For something it is today one of the best billiard shops in existence.

10- Extra: The Billartist

And if after all this sheet of recommended billaristic Facebook pages you are still eager to follow someone else, then follow me ?On the The Billartist page you will find player interviews, billiard tips, exercises to improve your game, videos of epic matches and some reflections like ” Why your children should play pool “. You know, giving it to me is the best way to reward all the hours we spend in front of the computer putting together letters.

Have I left any other important page that we should follow? Recommend it in the comments.

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