With a glove or without a billiard glove?

With a glove or without a billiard glove?

Play with or without him is one of the great dilemmas billiard billiard glove. Most players opt for the second option and are content to use talc when the taco does not slip well. But the truth is that for other glove billiard players is essential, an essential accessory. In today’s article we desgranamos the pros and cons billiard glove for you to decide for one or another option.

Shane Van Boening Pool

By David Muñoz

I’ve never played with billiard glove. I am among those who think that the fewer artifices game, the better.

So I prefer to note directly on the skin friction taco, although sometimes this moisture will not slide well. I’ve gotten used well and I find it very difficult to start playing now with glove. Of course, that does not mean it’s wrong to do, it’s just a matter of tastes and needs.  

Raise your hand playing with glove. Why did you do? I guess the reason is simple: the best taco patina so naturally by the hand gliding. It will help to throw more comfortable. However, it can also be your teacher play with glove since childhood have followed suit and now you leave it is impossible. In any case, the glove is suitable for billiard players that sudan them enough hands.

How do the pros play? Most large pool players make by hand uncovered, but there are some notable exceptions. Young was the model most, but now you hardly see Shane Van Boening play without his glove. Carambola use is more common, while in Snooker nobody uses it.    

Although it is usually dark, the glove must become invisible. You must completely forget it’s there. Like when premieres taco, at first you’ll be more aware of the cloth than anything else. The important thing is to adapt and get used to it to the point convertirs and on one element of your game, like chalk. The key is to play with glove but without thinking about it so you do not generate any distractions.

The big drawback is that gloves when mounting the bridge wrinkles are created in the area where you must pass the cleat. It occurs with the cheapest. Therefore it is crucial to choose one worthwhile, made with quality fabric and, above all, that fits well in your hand. Okay you prefer to play with glove but it makes no sense to do with the first one you find. Test and keep the number that best suits you.

If you’re considering to start playing with glove? Remember most importantly, choose one of quality and practice with it until it becomes an element of your routine. In the shop Poolmania find lots of variety, I recommend two options that have proved some billiard players I know: Karma and Predator .   

Write your impressions in the comments on the use or not of gloves and your experience with them.

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