18 pool clubs that you should visit

18 pool clubs that you ‘should visit

Post updated on October 21, 2014

Blessed billiard clubs ! The hours we spent playing, training, competing, sharing experiences … The smell of pool breathe in those rooms that treat us so well and they are like our second home?

Strike Pool Terrassa

You’ll find them in many corners of our geography, with players who love this sport and keep very much alive the essence of the pool . We have an extension from 10 to 18 billiard clubs in Spain you should visit at some point in your life;

1- Voer Kafé Malaga. Undoubtedly one of the best Spanish rooms. Local 700 square meters go far. 18 pool tables and a snooker are Voer Kafé offer its users. If for some reason you have to go by the Costa del Sol you know where you can build your taco?

2- Club de Billar Monforte  in La Sagrera (Barcelona). Active since 1943, it is one of the oldest in Spain. It has 15 tables; 6 carambola, 5 pool and snooker 4. Club with a lot of activity and a lot of tournaments are organized. Must! 

3- Great Match in Madrid. A historic hall Spanish billiards . 14 pool tables and 8 carambola There is nothing !. If you play billiards and live in Madrid, hardly you have not played at this club.

4- Tilt in Madrid. Very well equipped room in central Madrid. Offers players 10 tables and 2 pool carom. Good atmosphere, maintained tables and a close relationship, it is a safe bet.

5- Strike Pool in Terrassa (Barcelona). A club is doing an outstanding job since it takes work. Its commitment to the pool is giving good results. It has 8 pool tables, a snooker carom and over. Do not let go if you’re near their facilities.

6- Billiards Club Somnis in Palma de Mallorca. 430 square meters of facilities structured into two zones. It has 8 pool tables and a snooker. The location is perfectly acondionado to enjoy not only the pool. Best you visit, right?

Club Tilt

7- Club Billiard + Pool in Burgos. Non-profit organization which aims to promote and expand the sport of billiards in all its forms. They organize tournaments and championships and offer workshops and courses billiards. They have 7 pool tables and 2 carom.

8- Kue Liverpool in Santander. Another young club that is coming very strongly in Cantabria. 7 tables of pool and carom for fans Cantabrians. To applaud initiatives like this club that keep our sport alive.

9- Club Billiard Aldayo in Zaragoza. 7 tables of pool and carom available to players. In the leagues club teams, couples and singles, plus own tournaments are held. 

10- Billiards Club Abbey in Aguadulce (Almería). One of the biggest pool rooms across the province of Almeria. Nine pool tables, 1 carom and snooker another well worth a visit!

11Club de Billar Fuengirola (Málaga). Birthplace of many successful players in the panorama of Spanish billiards. Founded in 1989 has on its premises eight tables of 9 ft, nine tables of 8 ft, 3 ft Valley tables 7, snooker tables 2 and 4 of carambola. In 1991 he was nominated for the awards Reina Sofía as best sports club.

12Pool Fiction in Las Palmas. Club that has become a reference in the Canary archipelago in a few years. 7ft six tables and two 9 ft are inside this cozy air and a film club that will captivate you.


13- Salons Madison in Errenteria (Guipúzcoa). The most important Guipuzkoa club and the largest of Euskadi. Opened in 1999, it has 9 pool tables (5 ft 9 and 4 7f), two carom billiards and snooker.

14- Open Pool Lugo . Seven pool tables (September 1 ft) and a Grand Match. 20 years on active and meeting place of many players Lugo and Galician.

15- qball Kaffe in Malaga. One of the best billiard clubs on the Costa del Sol. It has four tables 7ft, September 3 ft and snooker. It stands out a lot in the organization of tournaments and leagues.

16- Pool 9 in Murcia. Very complete club with five tables 9 ft, 7 ft number two snooker and carom billiards. Must if you are around Murcia?

17- Panda Pool in Gijon (Asturias). 17 tables, 13 of 7 feet and 4 of 9 ft. Undoubtedly the best place to play pool in Asturias.

18- Billiards Club Collado Villalba (Madrid). More than 400m² dedicated pool in the Sierra de Madrid, with 12 pool tables and 4 other carom. That’s nothing!

We have delved into these 18 billiard clubs in Spain, but we know there are many more and very good. What would you add?


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